X-Robotics Lab

X-Robotics Lab

X-Robotics Lab


Established in Oct. 2022, the X-Robotics Lab is one of the core research facilities of the School of Robotics, XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang). It is equipped with several kinds of advanced cooperation robots, mobile robots, as well as sensors with multiple auxiliary functionalities, that are used in R&D of various intelligent robotics. It provides students and staff studying and research environment and surrounding with innovation and high-creation.


    • Lab Director: Dr. Fan Zhu
    • Lab Technicians: Mr. Shihao Wang and Mr. Yifeng Xu

【 Facilities】

    • UR5 Robotics Manipulator
    • ROBOTIQ Two-Finger and Multi-Finger Grippers
    • Turtlebot3 Waffle Pi + Open Manipulator
    • X10 Qingtong Motion Tracking Systems

【Supporting Modules】

【Supporting Research Projects】

    • RDF-21-02-024 Intelligent Robotic Grasping and Manipulation
    • RP0043 Intelligent Robotic System with collaboration with Beko (Wuxi)