Kärcher Trading (China) Co., Ltd.

Kärcher Trading (China) Co., Ltd.

Introduction to Kärcher

Kärcher, born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1935, was founded in 1950 by Alfred Kärcher, who developed Europe’s first hot water high-pressure cleaning machine, establishing Kärcher as the world’s leading cleaning brand. As the world’s largest provider of janitorial equipment and solutions, the Kärcher Group’s portfolio of more than 3,000 products includes a wide range of products for the home and garden, commercial and industrial, hospitality and professional janitorial, industrial specialty products, government and military products, environmental technology products, cleaners and accessories. As of 2023, the Koch Group holds 718 patents worldwide. More than 160 subsidiaries in 82 countries and more than 50,000 service locations ensure uninterrupted support for customers worldwide. More than 16,000 employees, including nearly 1,000 engineers in the product development centres alone.

Over the past 89 years, with its innovative R&D system and perfect quality concept, Kahl has provided continuous and reliable cleaning protection for millions of corporate users worldwide who pursue professionalism and efficiency, and has become the trusted cleaning partner of billions of families around the world who love life and pursue quality. Since the brand entered China, it has been committed to improving the home environment of Chinese users with European and American health standards, sharing a professional, efficient and fun way of cleaning life, taking care of life and health with science and technology, and enjoying a better life!

Differing from traditional home appliances, Kahle takes the lead in launching the concept of ‘deep cleaning’ and a series of products in the world, changing the cleaning of the home environment from a single ‘vacuuming’ and ‘wet mopping’ to a single ‘vacuuming’ and ‘wet mopping’ method. Change from a single ‘vacuuming’, ‘wet mopping’ and other ways to clean the home environment through vacuuming, high-pressure rinsing, self-cleaning scrubbing, high-temperature steaming, mite mites, etc., indoor and outdoor environments to carry out a multi-directional deep cleaning, avoiding the secondary pollution of the chemical cleaning methods, and comprehensively take care of the health of life with science and technology.

As a leading global cleaning brand, Kahl has long been injecting passion and technology into important buildings, public welfare and charitable causes, as well as major events around the world. Since 1980, Kahl has partnered with the German Commission for UNESCO to clean more than 190 landmarks and cultural relics around the world, including China’s Forbidden City, China’s Tengwang Pavilion, China’s Longmen Grottoes, France’s Palais de Fontainebleau, the President’s Hill in the U.S., the London Eye in the U.K., and Brazil’s Statue of Christ, among others. For more than a decade, Kahl has worked with SOS Children’s Villages International and the Global Nature Foundation (GNF) to provide cleaning equipment to children in need in more than 30 countries and safe, stable drinking water to thousands of families in underdeveloped areas. Kahl is also an official sponsor and cleanliness partner of many sporting events, including the Dakar Rally, several Olympic Games and the Asian Champions League.



The in-depth partnership between Kärcher and the School of Robotics of XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) is a comprehensive and strategic alliance that aims to jointly promote talent development, career development, and industry innovation through a diverse range of collaborative projects and activities.

Looking ahead, Kärcher and the School of Robotics are looking forward to broader collaboration in areas such as volunteer activities, industry forums, and talent programmes. The in-depth collaboration plan is a multi-dimensional and all-encompassing strategic partnership, aiming to jointly cultivate talents and promote the continuous development and innovation of the industry through resource sharing, knowledge exchange and practical cooperation.