Robotics Lab

Robotics Lab

Robotics Lab


The Robotics lab of the School of Robotics is established upon the opening of the XEC campus in Sept. 2022. It is serving as a dedicated space for facilitating comprehensive research, experimentation, and undergraduate education in the dynamic field of robotics by fostering the advancement of robotics and providing essential resources for the development and evaluation of robotic systems, algorithms, and control mechanisms. It also supports a wide spectrum of applications and tasks, encompassing diverse aspects of robotics technology. Through hands-on experience and practical learning opportunities, the Robotics Lab empowers students and staff to delve into the intricacies of robotics, driving innovation and excellence in the pursuit of cutting-edge advancements within the field.





    • Robot control system
    • Collaborative robots
    • Fair Collaborative Robot
    • Robotiq robotic arm
    • SLAMTEC Robotic Mobile Platform
    • Fair Robotic Arm
    • Ecovace BENEBOT
    • Yiyou Robotic Joint
    • Dataa Robotic Joint


【Supporting Modules】

    • RBE205TC Mobile Robot Design
    • RBE303TC System Design in Robotics
    • RBE307TC Robot Operating System for Robotics Programming
    • RBE211TC Dynamic Systems
    • RBE401TC Contemporary Mechatronics in Intelligent Robotics