Probrammable Logic Controller Lab

Probrammable Logic Controller Lab

Programmable Logic Controllers Lab

Brief Introduction

The Programmable Logic Controllers Lab, or PLC Lab, of the Taicang Campus was established in September 2022. With 21 lab stations, the PLC lab offers a hands-on and immersive learning environment for our students to explore the practicality, versatility, and wide-ranging applications of PLC. Each station is equipped with a B&R PLC and servomotor training kit. These kits allow students to delve into the control of servomotors using PLC and its peripherals, providing valuable practical insights into industrial automation and control.

The integration of the NI Engineering Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS III) across all stations further enhances the PLC lab’s capabilities. This integrated experimental platform facilitates project-based learning, enabling students in weaving together theory and practice in subjects such as electronics, mechatronics, and sensors. Moreover, the PLC lab features a motor test bench fitted with various sensors, mechanisms to emulate faults such as axis misalignment, and an NI data acquisition system, providing students with an opportunity to understand the practicalities of motor measurement and troubleshooting techniques.

All the equipments in this lab are interfaced with standard desktop computers, allowing students to program, control and analyze their systems within a digital environment.


    • Lab Director: Dr. Sze-Hong Teh
    • Lab Technicians: Ms. Yijun Zhang, Mr. Xin Zhang, Mr. Shihao Wang


    • B&R PLC and servomotor training kit B&R
    • Motor test bench

【Supporting Modules】