SURF Timeline and Selection Process


SURF Procedure


Announce SURF

Week 1, S2

SURF proposals from staff to SURF Coordinators

Week 1 – 4, S2

Schools submit proposal list to ASO

Week 6, S2

SURF ethics assessment week

Week 8, S2

ASO determines funding distribution

Week 10, S2

SURF projects announced/international marketing

Week 11, S2

SURF student selection

Week 11 – 14, S2

SURF Project Implementation (5 to 10 weeks in the summer)

Mid Jun. to the end of Aug., S2

SURF Social Event & Poster Workshop

July & Aug., S2

SURF Poster Presentation

The Wednesday of week 1 or 2 of the new Semester

*The Procedure and Timeline might be revised as appropriate for each Academic Year.