The Academy of Film and Creative Technology is designed to be multi-locational, with development currently envisaged in three phases:

Phase One focuses on existing resources within the University through the merger of the School of Film and TV Arts (located in SIP) and School of Cultural Technology (Taicang) into a single entity.

Phase Two focuses on the development of the XJTLU-Enlight Film School, located in Yangzhou.

Phase Three concentrates on the creation of an Institute of Culture and Creativity, which will be both an online and onsite institute, with potential locations including the Great Bay Area, and other centres of creativity within China.

AFCT offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, non-degree short-term professional training programmes, research and knowledge transfer services, as well as industrial and social partnership opportunities.

The aim of the AFCT is to develop a community academy focused on serving the needs of industry and society through:

  • establishing cultural creativity programmes designed to engage, motivate and inspire wider social participation
  • equipping AFCT staff with the tools to enable them to work with people of all backgrounds, talents and potential
  • empowering a social, cultural and creative impact model that provides a win-win situation for industry, communities and society as a whole.