The Academy of Film and Creative Technology is multi-locational with four schools. Two are formed from existing XJTLU schools: the School of Film and TV Arts, and the School of Cultural Technology from the XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang). Each will retain their current name and will form part of the first phase of development.

The second phase contains the development of the XJTLU-Enlight Film School in partnership with Enlight Media, to be established in Yangzhou. The third phase of development is planned for the Greater Bay Area and will explore cultural management and entertainment media through the creation of an Institute of Culture and Creativity (ICC).

Each group location and constituent part will be distinguished as follows:

  • The School of Film and TV Arts (SIP): The oldest of the established schools, the SIP school has a primary focus on creative production using advanced technological tools to produce media content including short films, TV production, documentaries, creative videos, and media arts. Degree programmes include BA TV Production, BA Filmmaking, and BA Digital Media Arts. Postgraduate programmes include MSc Cultural and Creative Industries (in preparation), as well as a pathway in MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation (in detailed design). The research focuses for this school are creativity, industry-applied research, film, media, culture, and communication studies.
  • The School of Cultural Technology (Taicang): The SCT is one of the founding schools of the Entrepreneur College (Taicang) and will continue to play an active role in the development of the campus and college. The primary focus is on digital arts and cultures; virtual, augmented and mixed reality; gaming; immersive media and audio; entertainment media; and cultural arts and technologies. Degree programmes include the BA Arts, Technology and Entertainment, as well as MA Game Design (being developed as a pathway under MA Media and Communication), and MA Animation (being developed as a pathway under MA Media and Communication). The applied research focuses for this school include new media, intelligent media, entertainment media, and media technologies.
  • The XJTLU-Enlight Film School (Yangzhou): Enlight Media will be a content creator in three areas: film, animation and studio-based products. As the key component of Phase Two, the focus of the school will be on film production, distribution and marketing; industrial project-based pedagogy; and training for screenwriters and directors. The film school will not deliver degree programmes in their entirety, but will provide existing degree programmes with a location for a year of study. This includes Year 3 BA Arts, Technology and Entertainment, BA Filmmaking and BA TV Production students spending one year of study at Yangzhou (depending on options taken), Year 4 BA Filmmaking students working with Enlight Media for their final year project, and MA Animation and MSc Cultural and Creative Industries students spending a semester at Yangzhou. The research focus will be in the areas of media and film related applied research.
  • The Institute of Culture and Creativity (Greater Bay Area). The ICC will focus on cultural management and media. It is envisaged that the MSc Cultural and Creative Industries will also be delivered in the GBA once approved. There will be a focus on short course provision, as well as a research focus in the areas of cultural and creative industry applied research.

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