School Interactions

School Interactions


The schools at Taicang and SIP campuses, as the home for both degree programmes and research, will be the heart of the new Academy. The XJTLU-Enlight film school offers exciting opportunities for students studying on degree programmes to gain pertinent industry knowledge through spending one year studying modules on location in Yangzhou. The Academy is also developing industry-oriented degrees, where at least one semester is spent on location in relevant industrial settings. With respect to the masters degrees being developed within the Academy, students will likewise spend one semester in Yangzhou studying with Enlight Media.


Movement between locations for short-term assignments will be encouraged based on knowledge, interest and skillsets, as well as research or teaching projects, with many exciting opportunities for staff to work and research in different locations on a temporary basis.


The Academy will work with industry partners to produce focused research as well as joint PhD students. Problems and projects will be industry driven, with students having an industry supervisor or mentor, as well as supervisors from XJTLU and University of Liverpool. Research will be based around a number of research themes, and it is envisaged that research centres will develop in each location, with membership in each centre based on individual interest and skillsets, rather than location of employment or study.