The XJTLU-Baidu Artificial Intelligence Innovation Alliance is the first alliance of its kind in China that builds on frontier technologies and seamlessly integrates AI chips, deep-learning frameworks, algorithm models, and commercial applications.

Talent development: Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University-PaddlePaddle AI Industry Institute

The XJTLU-PaddlePaddle AI Industry Institute is China’s first “Large-scale AI Model” education system.

The XJTLU-Baidu Artificial Intelligence Innovation Alliance’s guiding principles are that it be “student-oriented, industry-focused, and an integration of education and industry”. It will create the first Large-scale AI Model education system for cultivating high-level and versatile AI talents.

Technical research: Baidu AI Cloud Qianfan Large-Scale Model Platform (Suzhou) Innovation Centre

This Centre is composed of the first batch of Baidu’s “Wenxin Qianfan” Big Model technology application units. It is:

  • dedicated to core technology research in cloud intelligence, integrating Baidu’s core advantages in the domains of AI, cloud computing, and big data. The centre aims to promote industrial digital transformation, drive innovation in core technologies, and achieve technological breakthroughs.
  • involved in establishing large data platform infrastructures for the energy, healthcare, and government sectors. It will nurture and attract a group of versatile AI talents to achieve significant theoretical breakthroughs in areas such as multi-modal data theory, digital twin model construction, and AI drug development.

Ecosystem development: XJTLU-Baidu Industry Empowerment Centre

  • Centred around key high-value industries in China, Suzhou, and Suzhou Industrial Park, the centre’s systematic ecosystem will empower and optimise industrial structures, lead the entire industry chain towards strengthening and supplementing weak links, and achieve broad and quantifiable AI industry ecosystem benefits.
  • The Centre’s focus areas are intelligent carbon reduction, biomedicine, and smart cities.
  • The Centre, in its initial phase, is China’s first Smart Carbon Empowerment Centre.
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