Successful declaration for 2030 United Nations SDG Good Practices – Zhangjiagang bay: practice of ecological restoration in China

This project proposed by the UES research team led by Dr. Yunqing Xu has been successfully selected as a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Good Practice in the second worldwide open call by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA). A UN cross-departmental review panel from over 24 UN organisations approved the project matching as many as nine exemplary goals of the 17 SDGs.

Centred on the national strategy of “Great Protection of the Yangtze River” and riverside ecological restoration, the project has three main goals. First, to convert the industrial land along the river into ecological land while restoring the wetland and purifying the water. Second, to adopt low-impact development, build ecological landscaping, restrict commercial development and recover the ecosystem. Third, combined with the local cultural features and further-improved ecological environment, to guide villages to carry out a variety of green development and enhance public awareness.

Future Suzhou: Urban Planning and Operation for Suzhou from an International Perspective

Second Prize of the “Jiangsu Provincial Social Science Applied Research Excellence Project” in 2021
The book is prefaced by Dr. Xingquan Zhang, senior consultant of UN Habitat, and Professor Youmin Xi, executive president of XJTLU. It gathers the prospective research results of more than ten scholars and research teams of XJTLU and experts of Suzhou Development and Planning Research Institute. Adopting a GLOCAL perspective, based on the understanding of the development of Suzhou and the comparison of international experience, it prospects the production, life and ecology of the city in the future. It aims to explore Suzhou’s self-improvement and transcendence in terms of strategy, policy and design, and pave way for exploring the complex proposition of future development in the critical period when China’s urban development opens a new chapter.

Since its publication, the book has received extensive attention from the society, and has been gradually recorded in major libraries. It has also received positive comments from the Member of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee.

2030 United Nations SDGs Good Practices
Zhangjiagang Bay: Practice of Ecological Restoration in China

In the global open call of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), the project submitted by the UES research team was successfully selected as a good practice for the Sustainable Development Goals. Assessed by the panel, this project covers up to nine SDGs.
Based on the national strategy of “Yangtze River Protection”, the ecological enhancement project of Zhangjiagang Bay has been launched. Through interviewing various entities involved in the case, UES research team conducted an all-round and multi-angle analysis to show the world the sustainable development practice of Zhangjiagang Bay, providing a good reference for other areas trying to restore ecology from polluting industries.
News reported in European Times, Yangtze Evening News, Suzhou Daily