Global Urban Competitiveness report 2020-2021 (GUCP)

Case report: towards sustainable cities: a new practice of urban agriculture in China

The report adopts a new perspective of the historical value chain of global cities and analyses the important laws and trends of the rise and fall of the global urban system. Through the establishment of the multi-dimensional matrix to evaluate the economic competitiveness of 1,006 cities with a population of over 500,000.

In the session of “Case Reports”, experts from various countries shared the progress and evaluation tools of cities and regions in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa on the Sustainable Development Goals. Dr. Yunqing Xu’s speech Towards Sustainable Cities: A New practice of Urban Agriculture in China will be included in the report.

Publishers: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and UN-Habitat

COVID-19 policy briefs No. 036

Reopening after COVID-19 lockdown: insights from China

Whilst initially at the epicentre of the pandemic, China has avoided successive and painful lockdowns and aborted re-openings and presided over a year of ongoing economic growth. This timely briefing assesses how China emerged from its initial strict lockdown and discusses the challenges for pandemic management in the West. China’s particular political and socio-economic model is playing a key role in ensuring high levels of compliance and institutional buy-in for stringent public restrictions. However, there are some practices which Western governments could potentially adopt, particularly in developing policy practices that may enable temporary restrictions and effective pandemic management. In addition, the briefing discusses the technological implications of China’s lockdown and reopening, including the role of big data, shifts in digital infrastructure and a renewed emphasis from the Chinese government on “high quality” growth.

Authors: Yunqing Xu and Yu Ding

Publisher: Heseltine Institute for Public Policy, Practice and Place

Global expert dialogue series

Urban topics under the COVID-19 pandemic

Since February 2020, the UES Research Centre has invited 12 international scholars, experts from organisations and urban management practitioners in Asia, Europe and America to establish dialogues, share views and explore paths in the form of Questions and Answers. The Dialogues cover topics related to healthy city, community governance, smart development, economic recovery, urban resilience and so on. Incorporating varied fields such as the urban planning, spatial design, governance approaches and technological breakthroughs, the future development of the cities is conceived in a diversified and forward-looking way. Facing the common destiny and challenges of mankind, and combining both international and local visions, this global expert dialogue series aims to collide with new thinking and contributes to the development of healthy, livable and sustainable cities.

Editor: Yunqing Xu and Yu Ding

UES urban and environmental reports

The UES 2020 Urban and Environment Report brings together six experts and practitioners from universities, government and industries to share pioneering ideas and practices around ecological green development in the new context. Topics range from shaping the value of green city centres to building eco-friendly villages, from managing water resources to optimising the water space system. The report also includes groundbreaking practices of creating the first national wetland park on sandy land, and constructive reflections on the institutional guarantee of ecological environmental protection. Together, we will explore valuable perspectives and effective ways to build a “clean and beautiful world”, so that green ecological development can contribute to new progress in ecological civilisation construction.

Editor: Yunqing Xu and Xue Chen

Green Retrofitting: Build the Commercial Case for Deepening
China’s Understanding of UK Expertise

With the joint support of the British Embassy in China, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), UES organized a China-UK expert group and completed the report. From the perspectives of policy environment, regional cities, renovation types, and market demand, the report analyzed the priorities and challenges of transforming China’s green building retrofitting market under the ‘dual carbon’ goals. It further put forward pragmatic suggestions on policy tools and business models that give full play to the two-way drive of the government and the market with a dynamic coordination mechanism combining top-down and bottom-up approaches, as well as deepened international cooperations.

From Farm to City: Investigation on Agricultural Development in SIP

In the new period of the 14th Five-Year Plan, urban-rural relations are gradually deepening and urban areas, where modern elements are concentrated, are becoming a source of innovation for exploring the distinctive paths of agricultural modernisation, while development zones are also becoming important nodes in this urban agricultural innovation network. In order to explore the new path of agricultural development in SIP, UES conducted an agricultural research and provided planning recommendations for the highly urbanized park. From the perspectives of management optimization and industrial development, the research provides planning suggestions for the combination of agriculture and cities for SIP, exploring a new path of agricultural modernization and industrial integration.