Future Suzhou: urban planning and operation for Suzhou from an international perspective

Based on the understanding of Suzhou’s development, the vision of the future city, and the comparison of the development of important international cities, this book brings together a series of research results of domestic and international experts, covering important issues in future urban development, and developing a forward-looking, diverse and possible thinking. In this critical period of China’s urban development, the book explores how Suzhou integrates modern planning and management, design ideas and technical methods to improve and create a leading future city of the future from the perspective of strategy, policy and design.

2021, Publisher: China Architecture & Building Press

Authors: Yunqing Xu and Joon Sik Kim

Food and city: a smarter and greener approach towards urban regeneration – a case of Suzhou Industrial Park, China

This book is a study of smart urban agriculture, which is emerging internationally, with the Suzhou Industrial Park as the carrier in the context of urban regeneration. It includes comprehensive research, assessment, and analysis in terms of policy, market, land, and space. The study proposes a lendable and leading design model as a way to achieve a smart and sustainable lifestyle. The study links the Suzhou Industrial Park from its past (farmland) with its future (technological innovation) and recommends possible actions to the Suzhou Industrial Park government that will potentially create a new model for the transformation and development of industrial parks in China.

2018, Publisher: Academia Press

Authors: Joon Sik Kim, Yunqing Xu, Sheng Zhong, Hyung-Chul Chung, Boliang Li, Cheng Zhang.