Finding Outstanding Chinese Educators in the New Era

Finding Outstanding Chinese Educators in the New Era

Chinese education needs a systematic paradigm change to meet the requirements of future society, which is increasingly dominated by digital intelligence. This reform first requires a major discussion and consensus among educators, industry, government and society on the basic questions of education, such as what kind of talents are needed in the future society, and how can education serve future talents?

In order to attract more educators and people who are concerned about education to participate in the crucial discussion of future-oriented educational ideas, Professor Youmin Xi of XJTLU launched the Campaign of Finding Chinese Educators in the New Era. The campaign’s fundamental purpose is to promote the exploration and transformation of future-oriented education in China; to identify, cultivate and enhance Chinese educational leadership; and to promote society’s awareness of the new era of education.



Youmin Xi

Executive President, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Liverpool
Professor, School of Management, Xi’An Jiaotong University

Professor Youmin Xi gained his undergraduate degree in physics from Xi’an University of Technology and his masters in system engineering from Xi’an Jiaotong University. In 1987, he became the first person in the Chinese mainland to be awarded a doctoral degree in the field of management engineering, while in 1993 he became the youngest supervisor of PhD candidates in management engineering in China.

In 1987 he established HeXie theory and with his research team, later extended it into the HeXie (Harmony) Management Theory, one widely recognised in academic circles.

As a visiting professor, he has conducted joint research projects in universities in Canada, the US, Singapore, Japan, China’s Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Much of his research in China has been designated as national key projects. His research and teaching area covers development mechanisms and strategic analysis of social and economic systems; strategic management and policy analysis, decision-making and decision support systems; management behaviour and firm theory; organisational behaviour and leadership; and educational management.

He has successfully supervised over 200 masters and PhD students, while as an author or co-author has published more than 300 academic papers and 30 books. He has received many prizes at provincial and ministerial levels, including the National Labour Medal and the Young Chinese Scientist Award.

Professor Xi sits on a variety of national-level boards and holds a wide range of titles, including Chairperson of the Business Administration Education Steering Commission under the Ministry of Education and Deputy Dean of Shaanxi MBA College. He is also the founder and chief editor of ManaMaga, a magazine and journal focused on management, as well as an editorial board member of several Chinese academic journals.


This initiative mainly focuses on thoughtful, theoretical, practical, effective and influential leaders and workers in the front line of education, covering basic education, vocational education and higher education. Each year, a total of fifteen educators will be selected, with five winning the top prize. Nominations are allocated as follows.

Basic education category(2+4) : Two winners from a total of six nominees.

Higher education category (2+4) : Two winners from a total of six nominees.

New vocational education category (1+2) : One winner from a total of three nominees.

Nomination process

    1. Collecting eligible candidates

There are three ways to nominate a candidate for this initiative: self-nomination, nomination from an individual, and nomination by the Expert Committee.
Self-nomination: Any educator who thinks they meet the target of this initiative can put themselves forward for nomination.
Nomination from an individual: Any individual can recommend a candidate who they think meets the requirements.
Nomination by the Expert Committee: The members of the Expert Committee of the campaign can nominate annual candidates.

    1. Preliminary selection

After the annual recommendation deadline, the Office will assess all the candidates according to five characteristics: thoughtful, theoretical, practical, effective and influential.
Then, the Office will consult with the Donor Committee and the Expert Committee to form a list of 15 recommendations for the year.

    1. Talks

For all candidates selected for the 15-person list, the Office will visit the candidates’ places of work to examine the effectiveness and impact of their educational practices. Candidates will also have a discussion with Professor Xi about education.
The dialogues will be an important part of the examination process, and will be recorded for sharing purposes and to promote social discussion on education.

    1. Chinese Educators in the New Era Seminar

All 15 annual nominees will gather on 11 November each year to discuss the new era of educational thinking, and the Donor Committee, the Expert Committee and the on-site participants will have the opportunity to participate in voting to determine the annual New Era Chinese Educator title winners and the annual New Era Chinese Educator nominees.
At the event, the results will be announced and an award ceremony will be held, followed by the announcement of the next year’s plan.


All nominees for the annual New Era Educator award will receive a prize of 50,000 RMB and a nomination certificate, and all winners of the annual Chinese Educator of the New Era title will receive a prize of 150,000 RMB, a trophy and a certificate.

After the event

After the winners have been selected, the Office will produce various materials and events, including:

  • Reports on the educational philosophies and practices of the award winners
  • A Chinese Educators of the New Era (Award Winners and Nominees) Zone in the XJTLU Learning Mall
  • A monograph called Theory and Practice of Chinese Educators in the New Era
  • A lecture tour for winners
  • A series of high-end workshops called the Educator Excellence Programme
  • Targeted consultations with educational institutions for customised improvement plans
  • Other various activities led by the Office and its partners


News and announcements

News about the initiative

  • Launch of the “Search for Chinese Educators in a New Era” initiative by XJTLU

Media cooperation

  • For media organisations interested in participation or more information, please send an email to the Initiative Office




We invite anyone who is concerned about the development of education to support this initiative in its goal to promote the exploration and transformation of future education, and to identify, cultivate and enhance Chinese educational leadership.

If you are interested in making a donation, please send an email to the Initiative Office

Expert Committee

In order to ensure the academic and authoritative nature of this initiative, an Expert Committee has been set up to invite senior educators from China to join in the planning and running of this initiative. The main responsibilities of the Expert Committee members are: to provide guidance to the Initiative; to nominate candidates of the year; to select candidates of the year; to participate in important activities of the Initiative according to their personal interests, etc.

If you are interested in joining the Expert Committee, please contact the Initiative Office by email


We are looking for people from all walks of life to participate in the Initiative and assist the Office in carrying out public welfare work based on love, belief and responsibility, without any remuneration.

If you are interested in joining as a volunteer, please contact the Initiative Office by email for more details

Strategic Partners

This initiative has a long-term open call for strategic partners. Organisations and individuals who are interested in participating in this initiative should contact the Initiative Office’s email address for further information Our first batch strategic partners are:

  • Tsinghua University Press
  • Haier Education Foundation
  • Management Committee of Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation Zone
  • Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Development Co.LTD