Japanese Language

Japanese Language


At XJTLU students can choose to study Japanese. Through their learning journey with us, not only do our students acquire a good level of language competence in Japanese but also equip themselves with vital transferable skills such as intercultural-communication skills, critical-thinking, problem-solving and group-working skills. These skills are much sought after by their future employers and will surely add to their university degree certificate further values and enhance their employability.

The Japanese Language Division (JPL) is a young but energetic teaching team at XJTLU, having been established in 2019. We are committed to supporting students’ learning, in particular student-centred, communicative-oriented approaches and we focus on developing students’ communicative competence by making use of a variety of learning methods, technologies and materials.

Students at XJTLU can study Japanese in a variety of ways depending on their programme requirements or individual needs, taking suitable modules from beginners to upper-intermediate levels. All modules aim at developing comprehensive language ability that enables culturally appropriate behaviours and communication. Beyond language competence, the JPL division is committed to provide more possibilities to students seeking careers in education, business, government or other professions where Japanese language proficiency is important.

Who Are We?

The JPL division is a diverse team of tutors with varied cultural and professional backgrounds who are dedicated to students’ learning. With different areas of interest in learning/teaching Japanese as a foreign language, each member continues our journey of professional development in order to improve the ways we support our students. The research topics or practical experiments we work on include ‘developing students’ oral skills in Japanese’, ‘technology-enhanced learning’, ‘supporting self-directed learning’, ‘student engagement’ or ‘grammar of Japanese’.

While supporting students with their learning is our top priority, we also believe it is important for our students to become independent learners, a quality that is essential throughout their lives. With our support, a variety of online quizzes made available on our Learning Mall, and opportunities offered by the JPL Continuing Support (CS) team, students will be able to direct themselves to study the aspects of Japanese they would like to focus on in addition to the regular classes they take.

In order to enhance students’ learning experiences, the JPL division is working on an implementation of the Summer Immersion Course, the preparation of which has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the Extended Study Scheme (ESS), which is a new initiative in 2022-23 allowing us to offer Japanese to a wider group of students.


Because, you will :

  • gain a deeper understanding of Japanese language, culture and society;
  • be able to communicate with others in Japanese, opening up an entirely new world of social possibility;
  • equip yourself with important transferable skills, such as problem-solving, critical-thinking and team-working, which are highly valued by multi-national employers in competitive job markets;
  • enhance your employability – there are more than 600 Japanese enterprises in Suzhou and more than 1300 Japanese companies all over Jiangsu Province;
  • have new career opportunities opened up for you – there are career development talks organised as part of the Continuing Support programme for you;
  • be able to enjoy your hobbies such as watching Japanese animation without subtitles;
  • make good friends with those who have the same interests but come from different subject areas.

The skills set and knowledge you will acquire by studying Japanese at XJTLU with us.


If you have any questions, please contact LearnJapanese@xjtlu.edu.cn.