Our students studying the Japanese modules at XJTLU will have an exciting opportunity to experience a university life first-hand in the capital of Japan. Guided by the XJTLU internationalisation strategy, the Japanese Immersion Course programme has been established with three prestigious universities in Tokyo; Waseda University, Sophia University and Meiji University.

The three universities above offer a variety of courses, which are open to our students from introductory to intermediate level. The students’ learning experiences include not only regular language lessons but also extra-curricular activities such as yukata wearing, ikebana, field trips and multicultural meet-ups, etc. Students will gain a valuable opportunity to discover Japan through diverse learning experiences.

Due to the COVID-19 the Japanese Immersion Course programme is currently suspended. While we wait for international mobility to Japan becomes stable, we are exploring the possibility to develop new programmes. Please look forward to them!

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