The Modern Languages Centre focuses on education in Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. We have over 30 staff and about 600 students in Year One. The MLC is an official HSK testing centre, supporting the study of Chinese language in Suzhou, a city that blends the best of ancient and modern China. The MLC also offers Japanese and Spanish summer immersion courses in Tokyo and Buenos Aires respectively.

MLC Language Teaching

Chinese Language Teaching (CLT)

The Chinese Language Teaching Team delivers a wide range of modules provided by 17 full-time language lecturers. Tailored materials and teaching methodology support students in their development of Chinese language skills and new understanding of China’s unique culture. Abundant extracurricular activities and subsidised field trips around China are also offered to enhance students’ learning experience.

Spanish Language Teaching (SPA)

The Spanish language division (SPA) of the School of Languages at XJTLU is a dynamic and vibrant group, fully committed to Spanish language education as well as the professional development of teaching staff. With over 1,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students per year, SPA offers a wide range of modules and language levels in both semesters one and two, either as semester-long or year-long modules. These modules are usually offered as elective courses to degree students from different University key programmes, such as International Business with a Language or International Relations.

Japanese Language (JPL)

Established in 2019, the Japanese language programme is quickly growing in terms of student numbers, modules offered and staff size. Student-centred teaching enables students to practise Japanese language reading, writing, listening, and speaking on various topics. Additionally, Continuing Support activities provide high-quality learning opportunities outside the classroom.