Message from JPL student

Message from JPL student

Sensei, arigatōgozaimasu (Teacher, thank you very much)! Your lessons are interesting and appealing. I spent an
enjoyable time learning Japanese. I’m glad that I chose JPL and met you. Your lessons, songs and present about our
names are impressive. Looking forward to seeing you onsite! Best wishes,

—- JPL001, 1st year student, AY2021-22

Students of JPL001 with Yamaguchi-sensei (middle), AY2019-2020

I am a fan of Japanese pop culture, so I think ‘interest’ is our best teacher in learning Japanese. Find out what interests you, and your learning process will be a lot of fun! Then, if you communicate with our Japanese teachers more, you will find great improvement in both listening and speaking!

—- JPL002, 3rd year student of International Relations, AY2021-22

Why do I choose JPL at XJTLU?
Here is my voice;
Speaking Japanese for me is a natural thing to do. Sometimes I imagine myself saying the handsome lines from famous characters, sometimes I imagine myself make a confession of love using ‘The moon is beautiful’, and sometimes I just simply think in this language rather than in Chinese or English. Japanese has walked into my life, and taking a Japanese class is like the continuation of imagination.

—- JPL002, 1st year student, AY2021-22

I would like to thank my teacher for the amazing and enjoyable seminar classes online. She made difficult grammar much easier for us to understand. The video clips and songs she selected during the break time were also really nice and I learnt some of them by heart. Although it was such a pity we couldn’t go back to campus to have Japanese seminar classes face to face like last semester, I still enjoyed her online classes very much. Also, I really appreciate my teacher’s quick and kind feedback on our group oral task and my Japanese writings this semester. These helped us improve our Japanese a lot. My other 3 group task members and I really like our teacher and her seminar classes. It is sad that we don’t have Japanese classes together next semester and I don’t know if she will be my teacher (I really hope so). My teacher is gentle, friendly and considerate when teaching us Japanese. I have enjoyed studying Japanese with her.

—- JPL002, 1st year student of English Studies, AY2021-22

I want to say thank you very much for my teacher’s quick and thoughtful feedback on our group oral task and some explanation on JPL module for me. Every time we received many words and comments from the teacher, and we read them carefully and made several improvements on our group oral tasks. These really helped us a lot on improving our Japanese speaking also for some writing and grammars. We really appreciated that! (NEEDS PERMISSION FROM THE STUDENT)

—- JPL002, 1st year student, AY2021-2022

Initially, on account of my interest in Japanese artists, music and film, I chose to learn Japanese to better understand works of art. During the JPL courses the teachers interact with the students in a variety of ways, and we are able to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition to this, as we go deeper into the course, the teachers lead us to not only learn Japanese, but also to appreciate the charm of Japanese culture. The JPL courses have inspired me to continue learning Japanese and I will use it as a useful skill for my future studies and travels.

—- JPL003, 2nd year student of Information and Computing Science, AY2021-22

One reason I choose Japanese is that, as a foreign language, it is much simpler at the beginning for its Chinese characters. It is amazing to see the correlation between Japanese and Chinese and even other languages, then discover the conclusions and rules in language learning. Additionally, our JPL lecturers are kind and willing to help whoever has problems or is interested in Japanese culture. I have experienced colourful culture through both CS activities and daily lessons while I fell in love with it. Another reason is for individual life, I will be able to enjoy Japanese dramas and idols more easily. Meanwhile it will be useful for my travel and further study in Japan in the future.

—- JPL003, 2nd year student of Financial Mathematics, AY2021-22

The reason I chose Japanese is that, firstly, I am very into learning foreign languages. I’d like to make friends around the world. Then, I heard that Japanese is quite easy for beginners, especially us Chinese students. Well, that’s true, but it gets much harder after you reach a higher level. And the third reason is that I’m quite interested in Japanese dramas, idols, singers, and comics. I think these are all the reasons why I’m still very enthusiastic about learning Japanese. Also, one of the most important points is that I’ve received as much help as I need from the teachers. We’ve got “Chat in Japanese”, where you can chat with other teachers and students in Japanese, and this helped me a lot. As for the last reason, I’ve been to Japan and since then I fell in love with that place, I was attracted by their unique culture. And after that I’ve always wanted to go to Japan for further study.

—- JPL103, 2nd year student of International Business with a Language, AY2019-20

Students of JPL103 enjoying cosplaying

I chose JPL205 because I am always fanatical about language learning and I am confident about my ability. When I gain satisfaction from this module, the more time and energy I spend on it. From year 1 to the end of year 3, I have made dramatic progress and became I am attracted by both the language itself and the friends and teachers I meet. Secondly, I think Japanese words are very cute, ranging from their pronunciation to their tone, which can arouse the enthusiasm of the listener and I think it is a special way to show an individual‘s personality. Maybe another important reason for this is that I do want to be more professional in Japanese so that I can learn about some of the controversial culture issues from their cultural background in order to be able to observe and understand different point of views without the language barrier.

—JPL205, 3rd year student of International Business with a Language, AY 2021-22

Firstly, I chose the JPL205 because I have a great interest in both Japanese culture and Japanese language learning. JPL courses not only have a systematic Japanese learning process, but the classes also integrate an introduction to Japanese culture into Japanese learning, which makes the lessons fun. Secondly, I enjoy learning foreign languages. Therefore, if you are interested in learning a foreign language, then JPL is a great choice. Not only are the teachers at JPL attentive and responsible, but the friendly classroom atmosphere and small-class teaching make it possible for students to learn Japanese more efficiently.

For me choosing JPL was one of the best things during the time when I am at XJTLU. I have learned more about Japanese culture and am also able to slowly put my Japanese into practice!

—- JPL205, 3rd year student of International Business with a Language, AY 2021-22

First of all, I’d like to explain the reasons why I chose JPL205. Since I’m very interested in foreign languages, I wanted to learn a new kind of language. Meanwhile, I have been interested in Japanese animation since I was in middle school. As a result, Japanese primer tend to be easier for me. As the saying goes, ‘Interest is the best teacher’. After entering XJTLU, I kept looking for a chance to learn Japanese systematically. Finally, I chose the programme ‘International Business with a Language’ and started learning. To be honest, as a Chinese, Japanese is relatively easy to learn compared to other languages. However, it would also become difficult when it comes to a higher level.

Secondly, the Japanese teaching team is very powerful. Teachers are not only knowledgeable in their fields, but also friendly and helpful. The classes are always very interesting and lively. Whenever I encounter some difficulties in learning Japanese, I can always go to ask them and they will answer my questions patiently.

Finally, since I considered equipping myself with more practical skills for my future job, I believe that Japanese is a competitive advantage for me when it comes to job seeking. To conclude, on one hand, this module gives me a chance to improve myself. On the other hand, it also provided me with an opportunity to meet so many new friends and nice teachers here.

—- JPL205, 3rd year student of International Business with a Language, AY 2021-22

I chose JPL307 because I am interested in Japanese culture. As long as you have any interest, such as Japanese drama, Japanese animation or games, it is worth trying. After learning Japanese in this module, it will be easy to understand your favorite works without translation. You will find more possibilities for international communication too. JPL is the origin for me to learn Japanese and Japanese culture. I now have a more in-depth understanding of Japan, and I’ve met a group of friends who also love Japanese culture. Because of the enjoyment and knowledge from this module, I became interested in studying in Japan and finally applied to a Japanese university for my graduate programme.

—- JPL307, 4th year student of International Business with a Language, AY2021-22

There are three reasons why I choose Japanese. Firstly, the reason why I choose Japanese comes from my vision for my future career. Because there are many Japanese companies in Suzhou, I think learning Japanese can help me in my future career and life. Secondly, because XJTLU provides rich Japanese teaching resources and experienced teachers, I think this can help my study. Thirdly, I think that learning a different language could make many friends, and it is a very meaningful thing to exchange cultures with friends from different countries.

In addition, I gained a lot from studying Japanese at XJTLU. Firstly, I got a new language communication tool, I can now communicate with people in Japanese and write some Japanese articles in my daily life. Secondly, the teacher’s interesting teaching method is very useful to me. The teacher not only taught me Japanese knowledge but also a lot of Japanese-related cultures, which enriched my understanding of inter-country cultures. Thirdly, the learning atmosphere of the class is very good, teachers and students can communicate well, and everyone is very friendly.

In summary, learning Japanese is a valuable memory for me, and Japanese has helped me a lot develop myself.

—- JPL307, 4th year student of International Business with a Language, AY2021-22
from a JPL103 student