The Chinese Language Division is involved in teaching-led scholarship and research activities, prioritising scholarship and research themes including “Technology-enhanced Language Teaching” and “Chinese for Specific Purposes.” Many projects from our division have been awarded the Teaching Development Fund at and beyond XJTLU. The division has also shared within the University best practices on Chinese teaching that have been presented in international conferences on second language education.


Sijia Zhou, Genying Yan, Wei Li, Jia Yu, Yao Wu won the “Excellent Chinese Teaching Team” in the international Chinese Teaching Education Event “Heroes of Chinese Education”.

Haiyun Zeng, Genying Yan won Model Work Prize in the 25th National Teaching-Education Informatization Communication Event, and the 2nd Prize in 2021 Jiangsu Province University Micro Lecture and Micro Module Teaching Competetion.

Xuanying Shen & Jia Yu’s article “the Design and Development of a Computer Adaptive Chinese Placement Test System under the Framework of ‘Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chinese Language Education’ ” won the 3rd Prize in the first Research Conference of Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chinese Language Education, 2021

Fund award research and recipients

A comparative study of Automatic and manual evaluation of Chinese pronunciation and intonation was awarded 2021 Chinese Testing International project: Xuanying Shen, Yao Wu.

Research and development of the multi-dimensional AI-based Chinese Speech rating system was warded 2020 Suzhou Science and Technology Project: Yao Wu, Xuanying Shen & Bin Zou (MLC & ELC).

Teaching Development Fund Project


The Development of Matching Cases in Business and Chinese modules on Virtual Reality Platform:Yameng Zhang, Haixia Wang, Zhihang Mao(IBSS, MLC & HSS).

Developing and validating Chinese writing rubric based on CEFR and CPGS: Xiaowen Zou, Sijia Zhou, Yuan Xie, Xuanying Shen, Ting Wen (MLC & ELC).

Developing a Corpus of Business Languages in Modern Languages Centre (CLT, JPL) – Phase 1: Fan Yang, Mika Takewa, Steve Jeaco (MLC & Department of Applied Linguistics).


Construction of a Dynamic News-based Business Chinese Open Resource Platform: Ting Wen, Xiaowen, Haixia, Yameng (MLC & IBSS)

Develop and explore the effectiveness of an E-tandem programme with VR in foreign language learning at XJTLU: Xiaoying Yuan, Fan Yang, Guhuai Jiang & Rui Xu (MLC& ELC)

The Exploration of a Needs Analysis Model and the Construction of a Business Chinese Curriculum to Foster University-Industry Collaboration: Haixia Wang, Ting Wen, Sijia Zhou, Yameng Zhang (MLC & IBSS)

Survival Chinese Online: Designing a Contextually-Situated Curriculum: Yanfang Si, Ying Zhao, Ka Du, Jacqueline Hemingway, Qian Zhuang (MLC, ELC & SOFTA)


Developing Localised Graded Reading Materials for XJTLU Low-level Chinese Language Learners: Genying Yan, Haiyun Zeng, Wei Li


The Development and Evaluation of Online Computerized Adaptive Chinese Placement Test based on HSK Scheme & CEFR: Jia Yu, Xuanying Shen, Xiaowen Zou, Haiyun Zeng

Exploring Chinese for academic purposes curriculum development in XJTLU Sijia Zhou, Ting Wen, and Shu Deng (MLC and ELC)


Happy APPy: An e-portfolio of 26 technology-enhanced learning ideas to engage students in different university learning environments; Yao Wu, Maria Brewster, Anthony Centeno (MLC, ELC and EEE)

The perception and evaluation of the various methods on teaching Chinese characters in an English-medium University in China; Xuanying Shen, Yajing Guo, Jia Yu, and Shengxuan Qi

SURF Project


Building an Augmented-Reality (AR) Based E-Learning Platform for Business Chinese Language Acquisition and Business Culture Immersion: Haixia Wang, Sijia Zhou, Ka Du, Xinyi Liu, Yameng Zhang (MLC, UMC & IBSS)


Live streaming real-life scenarios: an effective method of online Chinese language learning? A case study of XJTLU summer school: Jia Yu & Haiyun Zeng.

Performed Suzhou Culture in an AR World: Building an Augmented-Reality (AR) Based E-Learning Platform for Chinese Language Acquisition and Suzhou Culture Immersion: Haixia Wang, Kenneth Simmons, Sijia Zhou (MLC& AFE)

E-tandem Program for XJTLU 2022 Chinese Summer School: Xiaoying Yuan, Ka Du

Research Development/Enhancement Fund


Tone Manifestation in Non-Native Mandarin Speakers: An Acoustic Analysis and Automated Rating Approach: Yao Wu.


The Evaluation and Development of Computer Assisted Pronunciation Training system for non-native Chinese Language Learners: Xuanying Shen and Yao Wu.



Promoting cultural influence of Suzhou via international Chinese language and culture education programmes; Chris Harris, Xuanying Shen, Jia Yu, and Ting Wen