Activities and Students Reflections

Activities and Students Reflections

As the founder of JOBENE, the program aims to restore real workplace situations through a virtual digital space, providing college students with the opportunity to experience a company's business processes online and complete internship training.
"At X3 Co-Venture, we actively participated in the interactive activities with our partner company, Deepland Technology. By combining the industrial needs of Deepland Technology, we successfully designed an innovative virtual internship platform. Valuable feedback and suggestions helped us continuously optimize the platform to make it more in line with the actual needs of enterprises and users. Moreover, our business mentor Andrew King, who has a rich gaming background, provided us with in-depth industry insights and professional advice at the early stage of the project. Not only did he share the latest trends in the gaming industry, but also provided us with practical advice on the application of innovative technologies."

Ziyi Liu

School of AI and Advanced Computing

As the team leader of the winning team of Dream Chaser 2022, Silent e-shoes project's smart warning shoes target the daily needs of China's approximately 27.8 million hearing-impaired people by simplifying the wearing process and carrying an interactive system to accurately identify dangers and enhance the users' sense of security and self-confidence.
"This platform not only provides us with the necessary office facilities and financial support, but also brings us a wealth of industry resources. We were able to get in touch with experts and entrepreneurs in various fields, for example, we were led to visit places such as Shanghai Hai Chuanghui and Three Winged Bird Haier Smart Home 001 Experience Center. Interacting with companies from different backgrounds and specialties showcased our innovative ideas and attracted the attention of potential partners and investors. These experiences have not only paved the way for Silent e-shoes' future development, but also added richness to our personal careers."

Zuoyu Sun

School of Intelligent Finance and Business

As a former entrepreneur who chose to return to campus, he is currently focused on starting a program focused on developing and selling cost-effective sports eyewear.
"My entrepreneurial mentors Jack Hu and Dr. Mustafa are both very senior industry experts with a lot of professional knowledge and experience. Not only will they provide me with useful knowledge, they will also provide me with substantial help from personal experience and international situation. In addition, the activities organized by X3 Co-Venture, such as the meeting with industry mentors or internal sharing and exchange activities, can provide us with a lot of different ideas. In one of the previous events, I had a discussion with a technical teacher about the function of AR trial sports glasses, which benefited me a lot.”

Yang Guang

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Hub