The Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Hub is a platform for Entrepreneur College (Taicang) to connect universities and industries to create an upgraded ecosystem for industry development. The vision is to be a harbor that nurtures the reinvention and innovation of thousands of industries, and a cradle that helps learners become industry elites.

The Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Hub links the resources of the government, enterprises and cooperative organizations, integrates all kinds of innovative elements of the University, focuses on the power of emerging science and technology industries, and actively creates a science and technology entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Hub serves as the bridge for the Entrepreneur College (Taicang) to connect with industries and supports the connection between the industry and all the academies of the Entrepreneur College (Taicang).

In terms of education and teaching, the Hub empowers all the academies of Entrepreneur College (Taicang) through the Syntegrative Education model, offering minor courses in entrepreneurship at the undergraduate level, which enhances students’ spirit of innovation, entrepreneurial ability as well as their competitiveness for future higher education.

At the same time, the Hub has developed the MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme in collaboration with other academies. The program focuses on the practice-oriented approach with multiple pathways, focusing on the development of the entrepreneurial mindset and innovative knowledge, aiming to capitalize on its unique competitive advantage to train future innovative business leaders with a global perspective for society.