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Submit your project application in the form of the pitch deck to

There’s no deadline, we will review applications on the rolling basis and get back within 2 weeks.

Pitch deck format (for project submission):

Keep the pitch deck simple and to the point. It’s alright if you don’t have all the answers now.


Title slide

Include the clear product render/picture (half page) with and a one sentence simple explanation what your project is about. Another half – project name, your name and student ID, school, contact information.

Problem slide

Clearly explain the problem that your product or service is solving. Why this problem needs to be solved and how it currently affects the market.

Solution slide

Clearly explain your solution to the problem. This is where you present your product or service, explaining how it works and why it’s unique.

Business Model slide

Detail how your company plans to make money. Discuss your revenue streams and cost structure. You may use unit economics if you wish to expand.

Underlying Technology (Magic) slide

Give a detailed description of the technology, secret sauce, or magic behind your product or service. This could include a demo or prototype if available.

Marketing and Sales slide

Explain how you plan to reach your customers (b2b) or consumers (b2c) and drive sales. This can include your marketing strategy and sales channels.

Competition slide

Identify your competitors and explain how your product or service is different or better. Provide your unique selling proposition (USP) and competitive advantages.

Project Team slide

Introduce your team. Highlight their experiences, capabilities, and why they are the right people to make the business a success.

Financial Projections and Key Business Metrics slide

Share your projected revenue, costs, and key business metrics that will track the health of your business. Make sure to be realistic yet optimistic, provide some assumptions.

Current Status, Accomplishments to Date, Timeline, and Next Steps

Explain the current status of your product or service, what your company has accomplished so far, and what the next steps will be. This shows investors your company’s traction and future plans. Better include a roadmap if something has been done already.

Quality of Idea

Is the business idea unique, innovative, and potentially disruptive? Does it address an existing problem or market gap?

Market Potential

Is there a substantial demand for the product/service? Is the target market sizeable and potentially profitable?

Team Quality

Does the team have the necessary skills, experience, and commitment  necessary for the startup to succeed? Does the team show good chemistry and mutual respect?

Business Model Viability

Is the proposed business model sensible and sustainable? How does the startup plan to generate revenue and achieve profitability?

Progress to Date

Has the project demonstrated some early tangible progress, such as an early prototype or prototype render, potential customer interviews, user testing, or market/business research?

Your project will be supported on the following fronts:


Pre – Incubation – 3 months

The services are designed to help business project teams/early startups to succeed by providing them with the necessary support, resources, guidance, and connections.

Office Space

Provision of a professional workspace with necessary equipment and resources.

Funding Opportunities

Pre-seed grant between 15-30K RMB per project. Help with accessing funding, either directly through the incubator or via connections with other investors or grant providers.

Custom Coaching and Mentoring

Access to experienced business professionals who can provide guidance, critical advice, and expertise tailored specifically for your project needs.

Pitching Opportunities

Opportunities to pitch the business to investors, potential customers, and partners.

Workshops and Training

Regular workshops and training sessions on various aspects of business, such as business planning, marketing, fundraising, and legal issues.


Incubation 6-9 months

Upon confirmation and admission of your project into stage 2 you will be provided with the following type of support, advice and resources.

Additional Funding Opportunities

Pre-seed grant between 30-100K RMB. Help with accessing additional funding, either directly through the incubator or via connections with other investors or grant providers.

Prototyping Facilities in collaboration with Innovation Factory

to help you develop the product or service.

Legal and Regulatory Guidance

Assistance with understanding and adhering to business laws and regulations.

Product Testing / Piloting and Market Validation

Assistance with testing products and validating market demand.

Networking Opportunities

Meeting and networking with potential investors, industry professionals, other startups, and potential customers.

Workshops and Training

Regular workshops and training sessions on various aspects of business, such as investment contracts and negotiations tactics, term sheets, branding and sales strategy, team building, business growth strategies.

Advanced Pitching and Presentation

Opportunities to pitch the business to investors, potential customers, and partners in various scenarios.

Access to Talent

Connection to  and alumni for potential hires and internships.

Selected Business Services

Support with essential business services such as accounting, HR, and marketing.

Don’t get upset too quickly – we will add you on the Special Guests List

  1. We will provide you with (upon your request) and answer your questions on what and how you can do to improve your project.
  2. We will add your email to Special Guest List and invite you for different trainings and workshops as well as notify about major events and new resources available for X3 CoVenture members and XEC students.
  3. We will check with you regarding your progress after 3 months to see how you’re doing and what’s happening with your project.

General business consultations

Have something on your mind, but not sure whether you’re interested in incubation yet?

If you have spotted a business idea which you would like to work on further and develop into the project, and all you need at this time is the general consultation or business advice, please drop us a line and we will schedule a session for you at a convenient time.

Please use in the subject – Consultation