Internationalisation for Primary Education Course

Internationalisation for Primary Education Course

This course is designed for school leaders who are managing internationalisation; the core objective is to help them to promote internationalisation and improve their international leadership.

The core modules include:

  • Why Internationalisation: The Trend of Global Education in the 21st Century
  • The Essence of Education Internationalisation: Promoting Students’ Learning and Development
  • The Tactics for Education Internationalisation: Three-Level Internationalisation
  • The Strategies for Education Internationalisation: How to Promote the Level of Internationalisation

From June, 29th to July, 1st in 2015, the first training course for primary education Internationalisationleaders started; 96 headteachers and teachers from 56 schools participated. From December, 13th to 15th, 2015, the second teacher career development training course of primary education internationalisation was held; 85 headteachers and teachers from 58 primary and middle schools participated. From January 4th to 6th, the internationalisation training course for deputy headteachers and officials in foreign affairs of Suzhou Municipal Education Bureau involved 34 participants from 27 primary and middle schools. In total, 215 headteachers and teachers from 141 schools have participated in this course.

Participant Feedback

Headteacher of a Middle School
“The experts for this training are all practical, their reports and introduction are closely related with the topic. I have gained the deeper understanding on how to achieve the education internationalisation in schools and some enlightenment on adjusting the international strategies of the school in the future.”