The Academy’s vision is to create, with the support and collaboration of industry partners, governmental bodies and society at large, an international pharmaceutical ecosystem of the future that spans across areas of education, research, production and practical application.

The Academy’s mission is as follows, and can be divided into five parts:

  • To nurture international and interdisciplinary pharmacological talents who possess critical technical skills, practical knowledge, and a willingness to explore and innovate
  • To support industry’s ability to produce and innovate as well as the enhancement of social values through the creation of research excellence centres, shared platforms, and interactive systems linking teaching, research, production and application
  • To facilitate the development of a highly integrated and collaborative ecosystem, unlocking the full potentials and benefits of all its elements in the process
  • To foster breakthroughs in academic research and cutting edge pharmaceutical technology through analysis and evaluations of future sector trends
  • To improve the overall well-being of humanity through the combination of domestic and global resources, promotion of high-profile international collaboration, attraction of talents, fostering of increased research outcomes, and growth of industrial partnership.
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