Strategic Blueprint

Strategic Blueprint

Development of the Academy of Pharmacy involves two modules consisting of separate layers:

The inner core, which is within the University, is composed of three different sections that will contain the Academy’s key components:

  • talent development
  • fundamental research
  • The Centre for Pharmaceutical Analysis and The Experimental Animal Research Centre.

The second core layer consists of University-level platforms which collectively provide the resources and support necessary for core department operations:

  • International Innovation Hub
  • International Technology Transfer Centre
  • Intelligence Data Research Institute
  • Think Tank (The XIPU Institution) and Intellectual Property Standardisation Platform.

The third core layer is devoted mainly to providing public services and providing a forum for research and development collaboration and sharing, as well as creating a bridge that connects the Academy with companies throughout the entire Pharma Valley of China ecosystem.

The outer layer is focused on the creation of synergies within the ecosystem, where joint venture research and development and corporate partnerships can form. Collaboration mechanisms and alliances in innovation, research, industry, and services will also be established through the mechanisms provided by the outer Academy at a later stage. Key personnel in this area will actively engage and build connections with hospitals, with the future outlook including the establishment of a research-based medical school when appropriate.

With the support of the University’s international and industrial partners, governmental bodies, and the wealth of experiences provided by XJTLU faculty, the creation of a true Pharma Valley of China is within our reach; a creation for advancements in health and medicine to benefit the well-being of humankind.