Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy provides PhD students with highly specialised high-level training, as well as access to first-class scientific research equipment and a diversified international academic exchange network. Doctoral students receive guidance in carrying out cutting-edge research in the field of biomedicine and strong incubation support to develop and commercialise their scientific achievements.

The PhD programme will be supervised by a team which includes a principal investigator from the Academy, a University of Liverpool supervisor and an industry supervisor. Supervisors from the Academy and University of Liverpool will jointly guide students in academic theory, project development, and paper. The industry supervisor will advise students on project development and provide on-the-job training.

We are recruiting PhD students in the fields of biology and chemistry, including medicinal chemistry, drug preparation, pharmacology and toxicology, pharmaceutical analysis science, biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, biostatistics, bioinformatics, natural products, microbial and biochemical pharmacology, clinical pharmacy, drug treatment, pharmaceutical affairs management, drug evaluation, and tumour aetiology.

PhD programme list:

PhD Biological Sciences

PhD Chemistry