Syntegrative education

Syntegrative education

Unique talent development plan:

1. Educational goals: the Academy aims to cultivate practice-oriented, interdisciplinary, and high-end global talents that are highly sought after by employers.

2. Curriculum setting: the Academy will give priority to developing relevant technical skills that meet employer demands, while highlighting differentiation; it will be forward-looking to highlight the future development of the industry.

3. Diversified approaches: considering the characteristics of biopharmaceutical education (obtaining undergraduate, master’s and PhD degrees in succession) and the needs of employers for on-the-job training, and without sacrificing education quality, the Academy will be flexible and provide multiple education options, including: degree education and non-degree education, full-time education and on-the-job training, customised education, online education and onsite education.

4. Education strategy: the Academy will respond to the needs of employers to share educational content, processes and resources, and strive to construct an effective mechanism for collaborating with employers.

5. The Academy will meet the requirements for the educational environment and resources for continuous learning, and create new concepts and practices of industry-oriented university education.

6. The Academy will integrate resources of vocational collegesto meet the industry’s strong demand for talent at different levels, especially senior technicians, and create a straightforward education model where students can study for their bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees in a row.