Research Platform

Research Platform

Government-approved Establishment of Research Institutions

Innovation Platform for Chronic Disease Study

The innovation platform will employ expertise from the R&D team of XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy. The research focuses of the platform include machine learning and AI-assisted drug design, new drug targets and mechanism of action study, drug synthesis and mass production, formulation, pharmacology and toxicology, neurobiology and model animal study, etc. The R&D team will collaboratively tackle the challenges of developing drug candidates to treat neurodegenerative diseases, improve public understanding of neurodegenerative diseases, and therefore discover novel approaches to treat neurodegenerative diseases. On the basis of platform development and project demands, the platform is recruiting research scientists and postdoctoral researchers, aiming to integrate high-quality biopharmaceutical resources worldwide, breakthrough the education mode of traditional universities, promote high-level of international collaborations, and advance talent recruitment and the aggregation of research outputs.

Macro-Molecular Characterization Analysis Centre

Xi ‘an Jiaotong Liverpool University established the XJTLU Wisdom Lake Macro-molecular Characterization Analysis Centre in 2021 after intensive market research and demand analysis in accordance with the principle of “demand-oriented, index assessment, layout and step-by-step strategy” in order to empower biological drug development and consecutively promote the in-depth cooperation between government, industry, university and research institutes. The Centre is aimed to address the critically needed areas in research and development of innovative drugs, especially macromolecule-based innovative drugs, including the assessment for drug metabolism, efficacy and toxicity.

National Biopharmaceutical Technology Innovation Center – Pharmacology International Cooperation Platform

The National Biopharmaceutical Technology Innovation Center and XJTLU will rely on the XJTLU-Liverpool University Joint Research Centre for Pharmacology and Therapeutics to jointly develop an international cooperation platform for pharmacology. They will further focus on areas such as cell therapy, bispecific antibodies, epigenetics and peptide therapy, clinical biomarkers, and drug target development. They will jointly carry out R&D and tackle common industry problems to accelerate the innovation and development of biopharmaceuticals and the launch of products.

University Research Institutions

XJTLU-UOL Joint Centre for Pharmacology and Therapeutics

The Joint Centre is an organic combination of specialized knowledge, skills, facilities, and resources in the fields of pharmacology and therapeutics between Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and the University of Liverpool. The joint center will introduce research strength from the University of Liverpool in the field of pharmacology and therapeutics, cooperate with new drug development companies and clinical medical institutions in Suzhou and the Yangtze River Delta region, and accelerate the drug development process by exploring disease mechanisms to develop new drugs with better efficacy and safety. The joint research center includes over 60 members from universities, hospitals, and enterprises.

Co-building Research Institutions

XJTLU-PegBio Chronic Disease Research Institute

XJTLU-PegBio Chronic Disease Research Institute was jointly established by XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy and PegBio Biomedical (Suzhou) to focus on drug metabolism and neurodegenerative disease research and development. With support from the Academy, the institute aims to build a world-class research and development platform in innovative drugs for chronic disease, leading to premium-quality medicines that benefit the majority of patients and promote the Pharma Valley of China’s industrial development.

The institute will connect top talents in innovative chronic-disease drugs research and development, develop and commercialise cutting-edge innovative drugs for chronic diseases, and cultivate international talents for emerging industries.

XJTLU-LIANSN Joint Institute for Transdermal Drug Delivery Research

The research institute is established through a collaboration between XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy and Guizhou Liansheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. It will focus on the research and development of transdermal drug and medical device products, in response to societal development and market demand. Through connecting domestic and international high-quality resources, XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy is committed to medical innovation and forward-looking technology research. Both parties will carry out multi-level scientific research cooperation and talent development in the field, with a particular focus on researching transdermal drug delivery patch technology, innovating transdermal drug delivery technology and mucosal drug delivery technology, and establishing a new transdermal drug delivery technology platform, thereby achieving fruitful integration of industry, academia, and research.

Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy-Convergen Joint Scientific Laboratory

XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy and Convergen (Suzhou) Pharmaceutical have established a joint scientific laboratory to explore potential therapeutic targets in the field of innovative drug research and development for anti-tumour and immune disease treatment. They will exchange information on technology and policy, seek out and cultivate talents together, and jointly carry out scientific research projects.

Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy-Beaver Biomedical Joint Scientific Laboratory

XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy-BEAVER Biomedical Joint Scientific Laboratory was co-founded by the Academy and BEAVER Biomedical Engineering. Its focus is the application and development of nanomaterials in biopharmaceuticals, mainly the application of nanomaterials in biological sample culture, separation, purification and detection. The lab aims to link high-end talents and contribute to research and development of key technology, commercialisation of scientific and technological achievements, and implementation of smart application solutions.