No-degree education

No-degree education

Student summer/winter programme

XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy offers a variety of Syntegrative education programmes during summer and winter vacations to enhance understanding of the biopharmaceutical industry among outstanding high school and university students. The programmes allow students to explore benchmark biopharmaceutical companies, visit renowned overseas universities, listen to lectures on cutting-edge topics, and practise with advanced equipment. These experiences help to expand their horizons, enhance their awareness of the industry, and can contribute towards their academic and career plans.

Management training

Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy provides a series of management training courses to solve common pain points in the biopharmaceutical industry, including in pharmacy administration, supply chain management, innovation and entrepreneurship management, and human resource management. The courses, based on a deep understanding of the common problems facing biopharmaceutical companies and XJTLU’s profound academic accumulation and resources, support the continuous progress of senior and middle management teams, helping them to effectively meet real-life challenges.

Skills training

To respond to the needs of the industry, the Academy of Pharmacy makes full use of its academic strength and advanced equipment to offer skills training courses for individuals, enterprises and universities, serving as a catalyst and facilitator for the healthy and sustainable development of the industrial ecology. Courses include skills training in separation and purification, macromolecule detection, good manufacturing practices, and English for biopharmaceutical professionals.

Customised training

XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy is committed to promoting the biopharmaceutical industry through innovative, interdisciplinary education. By bringing together well-known scholars and leaders with practical experience in policy, academia, industry and finance, the Academy can diagnose the pain points of enterprises through one-on-one coaching and executive workshops to develop customised empowerment programmes, practising the innovative integration of education, research and social services.