At IBSS, We Connect


Founded in 2013, XJTLU International Business School Suzhou (IBSS) is the largest English-language business school in China, as well as one of a small and prestigious group of Triple Crown Accredited business schools worldwide. Situated among tens of thousands of domestic and international businesses in the innovative Suzhou SIP district, IBSS forms a bridge between China and the world with its unique blend of Chinese and international academic practices.

As a top-ranked business school, at IBSS we teach cutting-edge knowledge and prepare students of all ages for careers in the corporate world, in government, or as entrepreneurs. As a part of the vibrant XJTLU community, IBSS offers academic staff and students valuable opportunities including cross-disciplinary partnerships in research, learning and teaching. IBSS’s learning and teaching environment are underpinned by creative interaction and collaboration with international and domestic businesses, coupled with solid academic grounding. Thus, the IBSS environment prepares Chinese students for international business and international students for doing business in or with China.

We Connect Countries and Cultures

We offer a British education system with Chinese characteristics, combining international expertise with local relevance. Our experienced academic staff are highly international, and 100% of IBSS academic staff possess overseas doctorate degrees and/or work experience. The school is an active member of global networks such as QTEM, GBSN and PRME, and regularly hosts a range of international events. IBSS is one of a small group of business schools worldwide that are internationally recognised with Triple Crown Accreditation. IBSS programmes also feature accreditation by international organisations such as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the CFA Institute, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, CPA Australia, and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

We Connect Theory and Practice

Our faculty regularly publish research in top tier international journals and maintain thought leadership in key emerging business areas. IBSS benefits from a wide network of corporate partners in the dynamic and innovative Suzhou SIP business district, as well as nearby financial hub Shanghai. We focus on translating research insights into impactful business solutions through its research-led teaching, outreach and consulting initiatives. The school specialises in customised executive education and open enrolment courses that support companies and individuals looking to grow beyond their borders.

We Connect Intention and Action

IBSS is committed to advancing awareness and action on ethics, responsibility and sustainability (ERS) in China and internationally through our research, teaching and service. The school was named the first UN Principles of Responsible Management Education China Champion in 2023 and is a founding member of the PRME China Chapter. Our award-winning staff and student-led ERS initiatives go on to generate positive environmental and societal impact. We strive for diversity and equal opportunity for all, and seek to ensure that our staff and students benefit from an inclusive work and learning environment.


To contribute to society through bridging East and West, delivering student-centred education, conducting impact-oriented research, and acting as a catalyst of business education and sustainable development.


To be a model international business school in China, driving impact creation in the business community and society we serve.


By embodying the following 6 values at IBSS, we seek to create a positive impact on our students and society:

Inquisitive – We are driven to explore and understand all aspects of the complex and shifting business environment in order to add value to society.
Mindful – We are cognizant of our fundamental role in building a more inclusive and sustainable global economy of tomorrow.
Professional – We are deeply committed to our profession, the creation and dissemination of theoretical and applied knowledge, and the respectful treatment of our students, colleagues, and clients.
Adaptive – We complement our factual knowledge with soft and social skills which allows us to create understanding, interact with mutual benefit and to move forward boldly in an ever-changing world.
Collaborative – We are part of an eco-system dedicated to advancing knowledge, educating the business leaders of the future, providing insightful Executive Education for our corporate clients, and developing solutions to every-day challenges.
Transformative – We see the opportunity that comes with every challenge as we anticipate trends and shape the skills and mindsets of future leaders.