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IBSS’s research events are central to the school’s goal of bridging East and West, as well as driving impact creation through the research of our expert academics. These highly international events bring together thought leaders across fields such as economics, accounting, sustainability and marketing, and aim to share knowledge, experience and insights while also translating research outcomes into real world applications. Below is a list of key research events and series held by the school over the past few years.

Key IBSS Research Events and Series

Annual Conference on Asia and Pacific Economies

This annual event explores topics related to the Asia Pacific region, with a particular focus allocated to the Chinese economy. The Conference on Asia and Pacific Economies (CAPE) serves as a platform for IBSS to promote research within these themes, build a network of researchers in the region, present research papers and provide opportunities for collaboration. CAPE partner the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) also provides special sessions on selected topics (see call for papers). The CAPE is usually held every year in May at the XJTLU campus in Suzhou. Some funding is available for travelling for researchers within the region. The round-table seminar is a platform for researchers looking to engage in active participation on presentations, and during which participants are obligated to provide supporting comments.

2023 AI and Big Data in Accounting and Finance Research Conference and the BAR special issue (10-11 June 2023)

There is a growing body of accounting and finance literature applying machine learning methods for data analysis, examining the usefulness of those methods, and assessing their impact on decision making and investment. To better understand the challenges and opportunities of this emerging research area, XJTLU and International Business School (IBSS) has created a dedicated 2023 AI and Big Data in Accounting and Finance Research conference with a British Accounting Review (BAR) special issue. The ultimate objective of this conference and the accompanying special issue is to improve our usage of the vast and growing financial data resources, as well as our understanding of the alignment between financial information and innovative data analytic techniques. The proposed special issue allows the BAR to assemble cutting-edge research in Accounting and Finance that applies AI or ML methods to ask and explore research questions that could not otherwise be examined.

The 6th Thought Leaders’ Conference of Marketing Science and Innovation (MSI 2022) and Technological Forecasting and Social Change Special Issue Workshop (16-17 April 2022)

The rapid development of digital technologies (such as big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, block chains and 5G) has fundamentally changed marketing research and practice, as well as the business discipline as a whole. In the digital economy, customer preferences and demand are undergoing unprecedented changes. Emerging information technologies (such as mobile apps, voice recognition and virtual reality) have empowered customers with more knowledge, flexibility and ability to influence business practices. It is therefore becoming more and more important to better create and deliver customer value, a factor that will drive the competitive advantages of enterprises. The Thought Leader’s Conference of Marketing Science and Innovation (MSI) has been held annually since 2017, hosted by leading universities in China such as the University of International Business & Economics (2019), Wuhan University (2020) and Hunan University (2021). In 2022, the MSI conference will focus on the digital economy, with the aim of promoting exchange on the cutting-edge research and outstanding practice related to IT empowered customisation strategies.

The 8th Responsible Management Education Research Conference (19-22 October 2021)

The Responsible Management Education Research (RME) Conference series is a key component of the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative, and an importance platform for UN PRME signatories across the world. The RME Conference aims to promote ERS (Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability) education globally, and serves as a bridge for discussion on this topic between researchers, educators, business managers, NGO leaders, government and the media. As a UN PRME Signatory since 2013, IBSS was able to achieve high-profile exposure and recognition as a leader in management education for sustainability in China when hosting the conference in 2021. This was the first time this conference had been hosted in China, and was further enhanced with the creation of the PRME China Regional Chapter, of which IBSS is a founding member.

2017 Symposium of Accounting, Auditing and Corporate Governance Practices in China -Accounting Horizons Special Forum (3-4 November 2017)

In the near future, China will become the world’s largest economy. With this in mind, a better understanding of the country’s corporate governance practices is strongly needed. While China is widely known for having controlling shareholders, extensive regulations, corporations with high state ownership, and a lack of monitoring and implementation of important regulatory frameworks, we know little about the impact of these factors on accounting and auditing practices. The American Accounting Association (AAA) is the largest world-wide community of accountants in academia. Accounting Horizons is SSCI-indexed and one of the association’s flagship journals and seeks to bridge academic and professional audiences with articles that provide insights pertinent to the accounting profession. The purpose of this special Accounting Horizons forum conference is to improve our understanding of these issues, which are increasingly important as Chinese firms face challenges abroad.

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