IBSS’s Employability Team works closely with employers, students and our higher education partners worldwide to design and deliver change-making employability projects in various forms.

By integrating industry experience into their subject learning, our students develop their employability competencies through raising self-awareness, developing transferrable skills and shaping individual attributes in the areas of emotional and learning agility.

Integrated learning through collaborating with external stakeholders

Working together with our corporate partners, we integrate employability development into real-world experiences such as in-company projects, company visits, internships, and guest lectures / seminars.

Employability Development facilitation and support

The team designs and delivers employability development programmes and facilitates student activities such as student consultation, workshop facilitation and customised career services to graduating cohorts. Working closely with our corporate partners, our support sessions capture the up-to-date talent demands of employers.

Pedagogical and research activities on employability development

Student employability is a key measurement of IBSS learning and teaching quality. Subsequently, IBSS continues to improve and expand the scope of student employability support. Our dedicated academic members regularly update information and content to improve the design of employability development programmes as well as introducing innovative approaches to embed employability development into subject learning and teaching.

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