Research Grants

Research Grants

Research Grant Overview

Since 2018, IBSS academic staff have received 5 International-level grants, 23 National-level grants, 10 Provincial and Municipal-level and 103 University-level grants. A full breakdown of the projects awarded funding over the past 5 years (2018-2022) can be found in the tables below:


International Research Grants

Project Title Collaborative Institutions
2023 Eddy Fang Behavioural Insights for Food Assurance Practices – a Cultural Perspective University of Canterbury
2021 Ye Bai Delivering Inclusive Financial Development and Growth UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
2020 Tony So Food Behaviours and Preferences in China University of Otago
2019 Chiachi
Data collection for employee-organization relationship project London School of Economics (LSE)
2019 Eddy Fang The upside of error: Learning from food safety
New Zealand – China Food Protection Network
2018 Eddy Fang Biocide use in the food Industry: Trends, risks and perceptions Massey University
(for New Zealand Food Safety Science and Research Centre)

National Research Grants

Project Title Funding Source
2023 Xuezhong He Modelling and Data Analytics on Cross Sectional Financial Risk: Evidence on Microscopic Data from Banking, Security Industry and Real Estates NSFC
2023 Yining Yu Visual assimilation versus physical complementation: The role of temperature in food choice Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China
2023 Bingjie Deng The impact of emotional expressions in digital content on user behavior: an analysis of mechanism and boundary conditions NSFC
2023 Wangshuai Wang “Rat Race” or “Lie Flat”? How competition stress affects compensatory consumption NSFC
2022 Jianxin Fang Inventory control and order management policies for Assemble-To-Order systems under the coproduction effect NSFC
2022 Mofei Jia The impact of competition of social status on games with strategic complementarities in social networks: theoretical and experimental studies NSFC
2022 Yifu Li An Investigation of the Modeling and Scheduling Problem of the Coproductive Service Considering Customer Participation and Experience NSFC
2022 Jie Zhang The research on dynamic price limit – from the view of informed trading Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China
2022 Wenting Zhou The impacts of information overload on investment decision making Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China
2021 Jie Li Value co-creation in the context of live-streaming for poverty alleviation: A cue utilisation theory perspective Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China
2021 Jia Zhai Research on machine learning model based on option pricing theory NSFC
2021 Jie Chu Joint optimization of inventory control and component allocation for Assemble-to-Order systems: A scenario tree approach NSFC
2021 Yameng Zhang The Study on the Bilateral Driving Mechanism and Influence Path of International Friendship Cities on the Sustainable Development of China’s Foreign Direct Investment: A Case Study of Infrastructure Investment in Europe NSFC
2020 Shan Wu The determinants of analyst team performance: team diversity, trust and team management NSFC
2020 Junyi Lin Exploring System Dynamics Performance of Closed Loop Supply Chains in Consumer Electronic Sector: A Control Engineering Approach NSFC
2020 Yue Xu Multidimensional Decision-making Processes of Leader Voice Endorsement: An Image Theory Perspective NSFC
2019 Gergely Horvath The impact of discrimination on the job search behavior of disadvantaged workers: Experimental investigation and policy recommendations NSFC
2019 Lixian Qian Adoption and Diffusion of New Energy Vehicles: the Unified View of Electrification, Sharing and Connected-Autonomous Driving NSFC
2019 Lujie Chen Sustainable Reporting and Firms’ financial Performance : A Supply Chain Perspective NSFC
2019 Li Pan Evolutionary-psychology-based marketing of Negative Service: Fear Intervention Perspective NSFC
2019 Yameng Zhang The Study on the Mechanism and the Dynamic Relationships between international friendship cities and outward FDI NSFC
2019 Xiao Wang Research on the formation mechanism and mode of breakthrough innovations in high-tech industry NSFC
2018 Ruizhi Yuan Collaborative Consumption in Hospitality and Tourism in China: From Customer Engagement Perspective NSFC
2018 Kun Tian Price rigidity: micro evidence from China e-commerce platform and macro implication for monetary policy Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China

Provincial and Municipal Research Grants

Calendar Year Faculty Name Project Title Funding Source
2023 Xuanwei Cao The integration of education, sci&tech, talents on developing high-level sci&tech innovation in Suzhou Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau
2023 Jie Li Cultivation Path and Countermeasures for Hard Technology Enterprises in Key Fields of Suzhou Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau
2022 Li Xie Research on the relationship between innovation clusters and digital transformation under the perspective of plural governance Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau
2021 Ying Feng The digital transformation of incumbent firms: From a strategic innovation perspective Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau
2021 Xingzhi Yao Left Tail of Volatility-of-Volatility: evidence from international option markets Jiangsu Education Department
2020 Jie Li Research on the way to improve the basic capability and industrial chain level of biomedicine industry in Suzhou Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau
2019 Xuanwei Cao Innovation Ecosystem in Suzhou: Status and Suggestions Suzhou Federation of Social Science Associations
2018 Xuanwei Cao Research on Building up Green, Low-Carbon, and Circular Economy System in Suzhou Suzhou Federation of Social Science Associations
2018 Hao Lan Big data analysis on Suzhou house price Suzhou Federation of Social Science Associations
2018 Kun Tian Firm price-setting behavior analysis in the background of consumption upgrade: Based on big data from E-commerce Suzhou Association for Science and Technology

University/IBSS Research Grants

Project Title Programme
2023 Cheng Xu Covid 19, social norm compliance and sustainable consumption Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Zhe Lin Investigating the Impact of Social Media Influencers in the Digital Economy Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Xueji Liang Failure Tolerance of Corporate Venture Capital and Corporate Innovation: The Contingency Role of CVC Managers Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Junyi Lin Win-win or trade-off? Explore system dynamics and resilience performance in consumer electronic closed loop supply chains Research Enhancement Fund (REF)
2023 Xingzhi Yao Decomposition of option-implied beta and the cross-section of stock returns RResearch Enhancement Fund (REF)
2023 Ou Liu A commodity recommendation model based on sentiment analysis of user-generated content Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Yitian Xie Improving the knowledge retention in embedded anti-phishing training: A comparison study based on memory theories Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Xiaoyan Liang Algorithmic HRM: A comparative study of the experiences of low skilled versus high skilled platform workers Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Shan Wu Influence of milestone age on people’s professional behavior—Evidence from CEOs, employees, analysts, judges, and households Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Xiaomeng Shi CEO air pollution exposure and financial activities Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Chen Hu Personalization and Privacy Policy in E-commerce Platform Operations Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Qin Su Production Teams and Films Success: The Impacts of Diversity, Faultlines, and Social Networks Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Yaxiong Li Exploring Gender’s Role in Leadership: A New Perspective on Narrowing the Gap Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Zhenyu Su Research on Economic Implications of Energy Efficiency in Chinese Urban Housing buildings Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Zhe Lin Investigating the Impact of Social Media Influencers in the Digital Economy Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Xun Lei A study of the microstructure of the Chinese stock market: application of limit order book and deep learning techniques Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Edwin Ruan Comparative theoretical study and empirical analysis of realized volatility and skewness Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Haosi Chen Relationship management and information asymmetry Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Zihua Liu Firm AI Exposure and Market Valuation Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Jui-chuan Hsu Legitimacy of Common Corporate Language Policy in Chinese Multinational Companies Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Jiexiang Huang Heaping of Executive Compensation and Cybersecurity Risk Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Chiachi Chang Why and when can idiosyncratic deals shape employee complaining behavior Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Linhan Zhang Risk or Responsibility: How does religion affect the corporate decision about environmental protection/emission control Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Nuno Camara Investigating Corporate Reputation with Employees in the International Higher Education Sector Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Gengyang Tu The impact of energy efficient policies on the energy efficient technology adoption behaviours in households -under the  context of the Pandemic Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Mengyuan Wang Do leaders make the place? Investigating the critical role of leader in affecting the consequences of employees’ presenteeism behaviors Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Xinyi Zhou Taking a new look at employee ethics training with a daily diary approach: How and when it helps and hurts Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Dan Yang Pro-Environmental Pressure at the Workplace: Concept, Measurement, and Consequences Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Xingnong Zhu Salience Theory, Limited Attention and Stock Prices Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Yi Yang Differential Private Decision-Making Models for Medical Diagnosis Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Ying Guo Innovation oriented HRM practices and firm performance: An open innovation perspective Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Vi Cao Can Public Reporting Discourage Overtreatment? Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Liang Fu Central Bank Communication under China’s Evolving Monetary Policy Framework Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Lili Jiu Tracing Business Digital Footprints: The Effect of Digital Transaction on Tax Avoidance Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Oupin Tang Fund manager cognitive flexibility, investment decisions and performance – evidence based on textual analysis Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Fan Liu An exploratory study using data science methods to predict households’ risk tolerance and financial behaviours Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Miaomiao Liu Strategic Advertising in Anticipation of Word-of-Mouth Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Yingchan Luo The Spillover Effect within and cross Sectors in Chinese Manufacturing Industry — A Study from Productivity Perspective Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Qianyao Huang The impacts of gig entities on gig workers: The gig platforms, gig supervisors, service-requesters, and gig workers themselves Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Zhaoran Gong Acquirer mid-level management human capital and M&A Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Yi Luo Bank Loan Loss Provision Estimates: A Hybrid Data-driven Approach Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Lei Zhang The Impact of Climate Disasters on Corporate Transparency Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Jie Chu Managing inventory for periodic-review Assemble-To-Order (ATO) systems with stochastic product returns: Model development and algorithm design Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 King Yoong Lim The Economics of Chinese Patenting Strategy: A Multiple Perspective Analysis Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Shuyang Si The education of nutrition label on consumer healthy diet choices Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Daniel Hampson Mitigating Time of Day Biases in Self-Report Consumer Research Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Yameng Zhang Open Strategy and Organizational Legitimacy during Different Stages of Internationalization Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Ashkan Mirzay Fashami The impact of audit committee effectiveness on audit fees and non-audit fees: Recent evidence from Australia Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Jie Li Development and spillover of newcomers’ extra-role behaviors Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Yining Yu Visual assimilation versus physical complementation: The role of temperature in food choice Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Bingjie Deng Visual-aesthetics Design and Robot-aided Decisions Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Yoonjeoung Heo The Concept of Socioemotional Wealth and Organization Theory: A Review, Dialogue, and New Findings Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Liang Wen Temporal Boundaries and Subsidiary Staffing in Multinational Enterprises: Effects of Parent–Subsidiary Work-Time Overlap Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Yao Fu Intellectual property management in the e-commerce: From the innovator and imitator perspectives Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Jiatao Liu Cybercrime Risk Impact on Financial Markets Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Qian Luo Sustainable Supply and Capacity Management in Urban Water Operations Under Climate Change Research Development Fund (RDF)
2023 Tianshu Li Water Markets and Regional Sustainability: Empirical Evaluations and Mechanism Analyses Research Development Fund (RDF)
2022 Chun-Hou Chang Exploring the mechanisms underlying employee’s help-seeking behaviour in the multicultural work context Research Development Fund (RDF)
2022 Yajun Xiao Cash Flow Shocks, Earning Forecasting, Debt Contract Design Research Development Fund (RDF)
2022 Wangshuai Wang Promoting Consumer Experience in Cultural Tourism Research Development Fund (RDF)
2022 Xu Dong Ji The Development of CPA Profession in China – The Rise and Fall of Multinational Audit Firms Research Enhancement Fund (REF)
2022 Rhonwyn Vaudrey Influence and scandal: Chinese consumers’ responses to scandal in online influencer spaces Research Development Fund (RDF)
2022 Fangfang Hou Promoting prosocial behavior in charitable crowdfunding: visual data analysis using deep learning technique Research Development Fund (RDF)
2022 Xuezhong He History Matters: A New Paradigm of Non-Markovian Asset Pricing Research Development Fund (RDF)
2022 Bo Jiang Financial Technology Adoption in the Banking Sector Research Development Fund (RDF)
2022 Yingying Wu Intraday Dynamic Relationship Between Commodity Futures and Stock Returns of Companies Along the Supply Chain Research Development Fund (RDF)
2022 Rui Ye Accounting standard changes and financial analysts’ use of accounting information: Evidence based on textual analysis and interviews Research Development Fund (RDF)
2022 Linjia Zhang Research on the tourism eco-efficiency and its driving forces in China: A Nonparametric Approach Research Enhancement Fund (REF)
2022 Jianxin Fang Exploring the near-optimal policies and efficient computational algorithms for large-scale general-structure Assemble-To-Order (ATO) systems Research Development Fund (RDF)
2021 Xiaobo Xu The moderating effect of societal individualism-collectivism and uncertainty avoidance on the relationship between antecedents and sustainable consumption of car sharing Research Development Fund (RDF)
2021 Syed Abbas Commodity price pass-through: inflation and trade regimes Research Development Fund (RDF)
2021 Mofei Jia Peer Effects and Network Formation Research Enhancement Fund (REF)
2021 Yue Xu Voice for oneself: An Examination of the Nature, Antecedents, and Consequences of Self-interested Voice Research Development Fund (RDF)
2021 Yang Lu Communication in public health crisis: Exploring the communication effects of social media messages and signals Research Development Fund (RDF)
2021 Shimeng Shi ESG and credit risk analysis Research Development Fund (RDF)
2021 Jin Jiang The impact of Chinese market liberalization on cross-border merger and acquisition activities: evidence based on textual analysis Research Development Fund (RDF)
2021 Chenwei LI Investigation into Consumers’ Privacy Concern in the Emerging Digital Market Research Development Fund (RDF)
2021 Jia Zhai Mind the gap: building your emergency fund before the next Covid-19 pandemic – Open banking data and machine learning optimization method Research Development Fund (RDF)
2021 Shuijing Jie The typology and configuration of early international firms’ capabilities: Implications for international performance Research Development Fund (RDF)
2021 Sheng Zhao The impact of local policy intervention on real estate market: a city-by-city study Research Development Fund (RDF)
2021 Jianghang Chen Lot-sizing and scheduling problem with continuous demand in automobile powertrain shops Research Development Fund (RDF)
2021 Eunkyung Lee Consumer Responses to AI in the Retail Sector: Experimental Evidence Research Development Fund (RDF)
2021 Shili Chen Minority in minority: A study of gender difference in the speed of career advancement Research Development Fund (RDF)
2020 Junyi Lin Exploring System Dynamics Performance of the Consumer Electronics Closed-loop Supply Chains in Suzhou Research Development Fund (RDF)
2020 Bin Ding The influence of performance-driving leader-behavior and the social context on employee performance Research Development Fund (RDF)
2020 Lujie Chen The role of Emerging Technology in Achieving Circular Economy:  Innovation Diffusion and Dynamic capability perspective Research Development Fund (RDF)
2020 Anton Bondarev The role of technological spillovers in environmental degradation Research Development Fund (RDF)
2020 Xiangyun Lu Efficient portfolio management and performance predication: incorporating AI into the Chinese stock market Research Development Fund (RDF)
2020 Jianyu Xu Risk-aversion in reinforcement learning Research Development Fund (RDF)
2020 Gergely Horvath Competition for social status in a networked society Research Enhancement Fund (REF)
2020 Wenting Zhou Consumer Behaviour in the Context of Mobile Payment: Experimental Evidence Research Development Fund (RDF)
2020 Mofei Jia Credit card debt puzzle: empirical analysis and behavioral intervention Key Programme Special Fund (KSF)
2020 Xiao Wang The dual effects of entrepreneurs’ and their teams’ social capital on the new ventures’ development in the emerging industries of Suzhou Industrial Park: A study from the perspective of social nerwork efficiency Key Programme Special Fund (KSF)
2020 Xiangyun Lu Efficient credit risk management of Chinese high-tech SMEs: using the deep learning methods Key Programme Special Fund (KSF)
2020 Anton Bondarev Multiplicity of regimes in dynamics of renewable energy development: Horizons for applications to China energy policy Key Programme Special Fund (KSF)
2020 Jianghang Chen Intelligent automobile production and scheduling system for pressing shops: effective algorithms and new methods Key Programme Special Fund (KSF)
2019 Stephen Gong When Do Auditors Respond to Media Coverage of Clients? Research Development Fund (RDF)
2019 Ye Bai CDS, Information and Rumours in Experimental Asset Markets – The Influence of Information and Personality Traits in Asset Markets Research Development Fund (RDF)
2019 Yumiao Tian Institutional capability and SME internationalisation: Empirical evidence from China Research Development Fund (RDF)
2019 Lixian Qian Consumer Adoption of Connected-Automated Vehicles in China: A Preliminary Study Research Enhancement Fund (REF)
2019 Huiwen Liu Managing the boundaries of big Information System projects: A knowledge hole perspective Research Development Fund (RDF)
2019 Ying Feng Venture Boards in China: Board Dynamics and Venture Success Research Development Fund (RDF)
2019 Nimesh Salike Production Networks and Innovation Capability: A case of East Asia Value Chain Research Enhancement Fund (REF)
2019 Linjia Zhang Tailored Benchmarking Tools for Tourism Industry in China Research Development Fund (RDF)
2019 Hao Lan Investigating Promotional Pricing in Online Food Retailing in China Research Development Fund (RDF)
2019 Ahmet Goncu Machine Learning in Stock and Futures Markets Research Development Fund (RDF)
2019 Yumiao Tian Institutional Capability of Chinese SMEs Key Programme Special Fund (KSF)
2019 Chiachi Chang Psychotherapeutic intervention in empathetic leadership Key Programme Special Fund (KSF)
2019 Guoquan Liu Returnable package transportation Optimization Platform Key Programme Special Fund (KSF)
2019 Shihao Eddy Fang Country-of-Origin and Cross-border Firm Ownership in the Food Industry: A Study on Consumer Valuation Key Programme Special Fund (KSF)
2019 Shilei Niu Regulate Dirty and Clean Energy: Competition in Electricity Markets with Environmental Policy Spillovers Key Programme Special Fund (KSF)
2018 Xingzhi Yao Trading Activity, Jump, Return and Volatility Analysis for High-Frequency Financial Data Research Development Fund (RDF)
2018 Shilei Niu Hydrothermal Electricity Competition under Demand Uncertainty Research Development Fund (RDF)
2018 Wenting Zhou Motivating workers: Mechanism Design and Experiments Research Development Fund (RDF)
2018 Xuanwei Cao An Institutional Work Analysis of Entrepreneurship Innovation towards Sustainability: A Longitudinal Study of Solar PV Industry in China (2002-2017) Research Development Fund (RDF)
2018 Li Pan Consumers’ Adoption on Learning Mindfulness: An Exploratory Study Research Development Fund (RDF)
2018 Yumiao Tian The Impact of Adopting Big Data Technology on Supply Chain Resilience: Take Belt and Road Initiative into Consideration Research Development Fund (RDF)
2018 Xiao Wang Research on Social Network Efficiency for Entrepreneurial Performance in China Research Development Fund (RDF)
2018 Fangrong Li Does government protection at home spoil or nourish firms? Government subsidies, Local government protectionism, and internationalization by Chinese firms Research Enhancement Fund (REF)
2018 Guoquan Liu AI Based Supply Chain Optimization Open Platform Key Programme Special Fund (KSF)