As a research-led school, IBSS excels across many areas of management, economics, accounting and finance.

As a research-led school, IBSS has cultivated strengths in many different areas of business, economics and finance. Our researchers enjoy close links with the University of Liverpool in the UK and they sustain strong Chinese and international research networks, enabling research collaboration with colleagues at other institutions around the globe. IBSS academic staff also pursue China-specific, cross-disciplinary research collaborations with XJTLU colleagues from different academic departments.

Much of IBSS’s research in applied science directly benefits companies, organisations and the school’s research has also gone on to inform government policymaking. This aligns with the school’s mission to positively impact the societies we serve.

Research Strategy and Objectives

One of IBSS’s five top strategic goals is to “increase institutional recognition of IBSS as a research active business school”. The research strategy is also strongly aligned with the school’s mission, namely to contribute to society through “impact-oriented research”. Through this strategy, the school seeks to not only produce impactful research that is well recognised and cited by academic peers but also to consider the impact that its research has on the government, corporate partners; and on the broader environment that IBSS operates within.

Research Culture

IBSS has established a highly supportive and collaborative research culture at IBSS, as reflected in the following achievements:

  • The development of a number of key research clusters
  • Guidelines to encourage publications in top tier journals
  • Support available for academic staff looking to present research at elite academic conferences
  • Multidisciplinary academic institutes and centres at the school and university level
  • Support and mentoring for academic staff looking to apply for internal and external research funding, with an Associate Dean of Research and Collaboration role created specifically for this purpose
  • The organisation and hosting of a regular series of conferences and workshops
  • Collaboration with local and international businesses, NGOs and government organisations
  • Recognition of exceptional achievements in research organisation and output
  • Annual IBSS awards for excellence in research, in addition to awards presented at the university and provincial levels