The Annual Conference on Innovation in Higher Education is the ideal event for individuals interested in education reform, as it includes a series of activities: keynote speeches, forums, academic development, teaching workshops and training. The annual conference aims to connect people who are interested in and thoughtful about education reform and innovation. Additionally, there is a practical aspect to the conference with workshops focused on training and practice. This conference establishes the ideal atmosphere for practitioners and educators to explore issues related to education reform and transformation; it provides an opportunity to build networks and engage in idea generation and discussion.

In May, 2016, the 1st Annual Conference on Innovation in Higher Education was held. This conference focused on discussing serious topics that impact changes in higher education, such as creating new structures, considering how to respond to future trends, maintaining relevance in an Internet era, and responding to the impacts of globalisation on higher education. More than 200 guests and practitioners, including university principals, renowned education scholars, and government officials from several nations and regions and countries, participated in the inaugural conference.

For the 2nd Annual Conference on Innovation in Higher Education, hosted in conjunction with the 4th WISHE (Wisdom-lake Internationalism Summit of Higher Education), the success of the first conference paved the way for participants to consider further how education reform takes shape; this idea was supported by the theme, “Reshape undergraduate education: Construct ‘Student-centred’ Education System.” Each year, these conferences grow in number of participants and scope, taking on new challenges and planning for the future of higher education through the consideration of such projects as “the Thirteenth Five-Year Education Plan” and the “Double First-Class Project”.

You can find out more about this year’s conference on our events pages.

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