Education Leadership Excellence Courses

Education Leadership Excellence Courses

Program Background

With the development of economic and social transformation, the reform of globalisation, knowledge economy, and Internet technology has raised new challenges for university education. Traditional universities that focus on teacher centered talent cultivation model are undertaking severe change. Universities all over the world should reflect on the value of university education. The Double world-class university Reform and Development Plan has put innovation of talent-cultivation model reform on the top of agenda. Moreover, it has been claimed as an approach to improve undergraduate education quality and further to promote entrepreneurship education in recent years. Universities at different levels have raised strategies and plans to propel the education reform. In particular, university leaders are in urgent need of responding to the following questions: What kind of talents should be cultivated by education? How to achieve universities’ educational goal? How does management system support its educational goals?

Under such circumstances, the Institute of Leadership of Education Advanced Development (ILEAD) will organise the Education Leadership Excellence Program to support university leaders to deal with the challenges based on XJTLU’s own education exploration. Based on the student-centered educational philosophy, the program will be categorised into four modules: Reflection and restructuring of university values, organisational reform and management, transformational leadership, student-centered educational system. Education practitioners, renowned scholars, experts and university leaders will be invited to explore education innovation not only in XJTLU but also from other Chinese universities, and to have an in-depth discussion about education reform strategy and plans through short-term high impact training and long-term support.

Program Objectives

Education Leadership Excellence Program is a pioneering program for senior university leaders who wish to:

Re-examine the connotation and value of university
Have an in-depth discussion about the global challenges and trends in higher education. Inspire participants to rethink the value of higher education, to explore the student-centered education philosophy based on XJTLU’s own education practice.

Systematically reflection on student-centered talent cultivation model and exploration
Analyze key elements and best practice of talent cultivation model from both theory and practice. Discuss with other participants about the generally feasible approaches to realize talent cultivation model in practice, improve education quality.

Enhance team leadership and change management capabilities
To create space of dialogue and communication for the participants, with a focus on the challenges faced by organisations and leaders in the era of reforms. To discuss the role university leaders and managers should play in the organisational change to foster the stragegy planning, resource integration, and regulation establishment in terms of unviersity reforms, so as to enhance the university governance.

Assist and involve in the establishment of student-centered educational system
Establish one-on-one long-term support mechanism with the partnership universities, to assess the degree of support for students to learn and grow, identify the student-centered education system of the weak link, through study or consultancy to help participate in colleges and universities to build to students as the center of system framework and carry out the strategic action, the transformation of from education concept to reform practice.


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