Interdisciplinary Genius: The XJTLU Interdisciplinary Learning Course

Interdisciplinary Genius: The  XJTLU Interdisciplinary Learning Course

The department launched the student-led interdisciplinary learning course for cultivating the research-led learning abilities of students. In particular, the course focuses on critical thinking competencies and integrated problem-solving skills for analysing complex problems from multiple perspectives. This course guides students to focus on problems in life and helps them to understand the social values of professional expertise. These approaches break the barriers among the disciplines and promote interdisciplinary exchanges and collaboration. The course:

  • promotes interactions between students, teachers, and disciplines
  • helps teachers understand students’ expectations
  • cultivates interdisciplinary connections for the purposes of joint-research between different departments
  • helps students understand how to apply knowledge in solving practical problems
  • guides students to independently think, propose, design, implement and evaluate interdisciplinary research topics for the purposes of improving their research-led learning competencies.