XJTLU Education Forum

XJTLU Education Forum

The XJTLU education forum aims to link and assist the education practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers in sharing experience in education reform, discovering new paths for transformation and facilitating progress for Chinese education reform.

In September, 2017, the seminar for “Student-Centred Higher Education Teaching Innovation” was jointly held by ILEAD and Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry. The seminar has attracted more than 80 teachers from Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry, Xinlian College of Henan Normal University, SIAS International College of Zhengzhou University, PLA Information Engineering University, Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics, and Anyang University. The seminar mainly discussed learning features of students in the Internet era, student-centred active-learning teaching philosophies and examples, and how to support teachers in implementing of innovative student-centred teaching practices.

At the end of September in 2017, “Management in China” Annual Conference & the 1st 50 people Forum on Chinese Management was held at XJTLU. The topic of this annual conference is “Indigenous Management Research: From Argument to Theory Innovation”. Many management practitioners from renowned enterprises like Haier, TCL, China CEFC, etc., accompanied by management experts from prestigious universities: Tsinghua University, Beijing University, Xi’an Jiaotong University held a substantial discussion on discovering the theoretical innovation of Chinese indigenous management started from the current challenges and opportunities confronted with Chinese management research.

In October, “The Forum on Teaching Innovation and Management” was held in the Emei Campus, South-West Jiaotong University. More than 200 senior teachers, managers and the staff from the teacher development centre discussed the future directions, challenges and breakthroughs for university teaching innovation on the topic of “reshape the undergraduate education, promote the students’ experience”.

In November, 2017, ILEAD jointly hosted another seminar focused on education reform titled “XJTLU Education Forum-Teaching Innovation,” which mainly considered how to “reshape the undergraduate teaching and promote the learning experience.” This seminar was held at and in conjunction with Zhejiang International Studies University. Nearly 100 teachers and management staff from 20 universities attended this seminar to discuss innovative teaching concepts and cases, leading to attempts to establish a student-centred, research-led teaching design.