Professional Development for Student Services Course

Professional Development for Student Services Course

The course in professional development for student services aims to inspire the participants to rethink the positioning and the roles of staff for student affairs. It helps the participants to change their beliefs from maintaining stability to educating people; from “teachers and administration-centred” to “students and service-centred”. Moreover, it assists the participated universities to promote the innovation of student affairs, making it can interact with classroom teaching, help and support students’ learning and development.

The core modules include “students-centred” education system, working system of student affairs management and education practice, etc.

The Jiaxing University, which ever cooperated with ILEAD for six times, ordered the customised Professional Development for Student Services course for its student affairs working team, nearly 40 teachers participated in it. In January, 2017, 41 people in the student affairs working team of Jiaxing University including the staff in student affairs office, deputy secretary of CPC committee and counselors came to XJTLU to visit and take the training. The training course was organised by the ILEAD of XJTLU and the topic was how to implement the “students-centred” philosophy and conduct the supportive and guiding student work.

Customers Feedback

Xu Jing, Deputy Head of Student Affairs Office at Jiaxing University
“Previously, several teachers and administration staff at Jiaxing University have been selected and sent to XJTLU to receive the training. All the departments in XJTLU work around the concept of student-centred, which leaves me deep impression. The student work system and innovation practice in XJTLU broaden the participants’ horizon and set up the future working procedures. I have come to XJTLU for study for several times and obtained the new gains and feelings every time. I hope to reflect the positioning of student work in the future, breaking the profits of various departments, building up the features of each college, insisting to move forward.

Bu Yuliang, Associate Professor, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee in College of Humanities and Law at Jiaxing University
“I have been engaged in student management for three decades, the gains at XJTLU can be summarised as three key words: “openness”, “people-oriented concept” and “internalisation”. There is not any wall in the campus, which is open and similar as the foreign universities. The thought for cultivating global citizens is very open and manifested in the concepts and practice in student affairs work. The XJTLU really realises the mission of supporting students’ growth and providing professional service for meeting the diversified needs of students.”

Zhan Xin, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee in College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Jiaxing University

“The greatest gain of this training is the concept of supporting and guiding student work, which is very inspiring. Also, I think how to implement the working concept, for instance, turning the service from “taking care of everything” to “accompany with students’ growth”, building the high-efficient platform by sharing and integrating the resources, establishing the equal and mutual-respect teacher-student relationship guided by the needs, guiding the students based on their levels and types, combining and jointing the three parties: society, school and family.”