Sustainable Development for Sino-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools Course

Sustainable Development for Sino-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools Course

The course in sustainable development for Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools centres on experience sharing and in-depth discussion about the policies, modes of running schools, internal administration structure and operating mechanism, acquisition and support for multi-culture talents, students management and university branding, government engagement of Sino-foreign cooperation education, help the universities which intend to or are running Sino-foreign education to make full use of policies and set up an improved reasonable cooperation mode.

The course was held in September, 2016 for the first time, from July 6th to 9th, 2017; 53 managers from 26 universities in total participated. The university leaders of Sino-foreign cooperation education, the head for international cooperation and related parties from local government have gathered at XJTLU to discuss the topic of “how to maintain the sustainable development in the long term”, elaborating some confusing problems on the aspects of talent cultivation, teaching and learning, faculty development, and management mechanism; issues which are pervasive in running the Sino-foreign cooperation education.

Participant Feedback

“New understanding on Sino-foreign cooperation education can be gained from taking part in this activity, the concepts on teaching and learning, management, education of XJTLU can be learned, the role of government in the Sino-foreign cooperation education can also be learned about. The current operation mode and situation are understood not only in concepts but also the experience sharing in practice.”

“I learned about the operation mode and situation of Sino-foreign cooperation education by participating this course, which not only involves some abstract aims, values and concepts but also the sharing of practice.”

“I updated my concepts different thoughts collided here. The most impressive is that the XJTLU had the very clear and precise positioning and plan from the begging of establishment and penetrated them into every aspect of talents cultivation and management system.”