• On Leadership by James Muhich, translated by Xiaojun Zhang, Youmin Xi, and XJTLU PhD student Xianjing Zheng. The translated book will be published by China Machine Press in March 2018.
  • Discovering the Future Universities: The Stories of Sino-Foreign Universities (tentative name), by Youmin Xi and Xiaojun Zhang, based on the findings of research teams at XJTLU and other Sino-foreign universities, expected to be published by China Renmin University Press in 2018.
  • The Research-led Education: Students-Centered Teaching Innovation and Cases, edited by Xiaojun Zhang, Youmin Xi, Lu Zhao, 2017. The first casebook for introducing excellent teaching innovation practices to universities in China.
  • Serving or Being Served? Leadership under Conflicting Institutional Logics in Transition China, by Xiaojun Zhang, paper presented at the Academy of Management Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, 2017
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  • My University is on My Own – The Stories of XJTLU, edited by Youmin Xi and Xiaojun Zhang, published by Tsinghua University Press, 2016. A comprehensive and systematic summary of ten years of teaching innovation at XJTLU.
  • Rationale “Crazy” – The Way of Education, by Professor Youmin Xi, published by China Renmin University Press, 2016.
  • The Way of Management series, by Professor Youmin Xi, published by China Renmin University, 2016.
  • ‘Promoting management education in China through developing practice-based management theories: An interview with Practitioner-Scholar Youmin Xi’, by Xiaojun Zhang, Pingping Fu, Youmin Xi, accepted by the Journal of Management Inquiry.
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  • Co-evolution between Institutional Environments and Organizational Change: The Mediating Effects of Managers’ Uncertainty, by Xiaojun Zhang, Journal of Organizational Change Management, 2016, 29(3): 1-25.


  • Report on students reseach-led learning activities
  • “Double First-Class” University Ranking Report for Education Quality
  • Research Report on Students’ Initiative Development
  • Survey Report on Leadership Development of the Head-teachers of Kindergartens, Primary Schools, and Middle Schools in Chaoyang District, Beijing


  • Xi Youmin, Zhang Xiaojun, Li Huaizu, To promote justice in higher education by restructuring the organisation of universities, Experts’ Suggestions of Science and Technology Committee of MOE.
  • Xi Youmin, Zhang Xiaojun, A tentative study on reform patterns for university internal management systems, Inspiration of XJTLU’s Discovery and Practicec(Series), Experts’ Suggestions of Science and Technology Committee of MOE.
  • Xi Youmin, Zhang Xiaojun, National Education Reform and Development Planning Summary (2010-2020), proposed to MOE.
  • Xi Youmin, Zhang Xiaojun, Ding Yimin, Promoting the internalisation of universities, Facilitating the Dream of Being the Strong Nation, Experts’ Suggestions of Science and Technology Committee of MOE.


National Natural Science Foundation of China
In 2017, the ILEAD project The Cooperation Mechanism of Network Organization based on Roles: A Real Action Research in the Organization received a grant from the National Natural Science Foundation. Professor Youmin Xi is leading the project and Dr Zhang Xiaojun is the main participant. This project attempts to explain and reveal how to construct networked organisations from a theoretical perspective based on ten years of experience at XJTLU. In particular, this research discusses role recognition of the staff, interactive mechanisms among the roles, and co-existence mechanism through longitudinal action research in a real organisation. The project, which will run until 2021, hopes to offer new explanations for systems in the internet age and platforms for future operations of organisations.

Macao Tong Chai Charity Association
The Macao Tong Chai Charity Association supported the XJTLU National University Teaching Innovation Competition in 2016 and 2017. Through a series of teaching innovation and achievements exhibitions, the Association facilitates the competition to find and award university teachers with student-centered teaching philosophies, spreading student-centered innovations in teaching reform, and building a sharing, exchange, and learning platform for teachers who are dedicated to teaching innovation and thus promoting the reform of Chinese higher education.

National Press Fund
In 2017, a book project tentatively entitled ‘Discovery on Future Universities: The Stories of Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education’ received a grant from the National Press Fund, one of three national-level funds including the National Natural Science Fund and National Social Science Fund. It is operated by the National Press Fund management committee and supports high-level research that should benefit China’s society and economy.

Jiangsu Province Policy-Making Consultancy Research Base Project
The University Education Quality Evaluation System is the first group of research projects of Jiangsu Policy-Making Consultancy Research Base in 2017. As part of a system for the evaluation of student-centred education quality, this project aims to determine a series of indexes for measuring the extent of “student-centredness” based on the current innovations in global higher education and the transition from quantity to quality in Chinese higher education. It aims to measure the extent to which universities in Jiangsu Province support students’ learning and growth and add value to students.

Leadership Development Investigation of Headteachers from Primary & Secondary Schools and Kindergartens of Chaoyang District in Beijing City
In April of 2017, on behalf of the Teaching Work Committee of Chaoyang District in Beijing, ILEAD surveyed 95 headteachers of kindergartens, primary, and secondary schools on the subject of leadership, for the goal of understanding and analysing the current situation and challenges faced by the headteachers in terms of leadership development. Suggestions and guidance in leadership development and related training will be offered.


“I think the student-centred concepts promoted by ILEAD are not only extremely necessary but also very urgent. Current concepts and practices in Chinese education are very confusing and need clarification; we also need to encourage better teaching practices.

ILEAD’s research is not only meaningful to XJTLU but is significant for China’s higher education and indeed the country’s entire education system. Although the current system on paper intends to emphasise student-centredness and people-oriented practices, there are many local practices which do not.

I participated in an activity organised by ILEAD and it was very impressive. One of the most important things is that ILEAD’s research is based on students’ real needs and problems, and focused on finding realistic solutions. Their research demonstrates the integration of theory and practice, showing us how with proper moderation ideas from other countries can be applied in China.”

Dr He Jing

Former Senior Program Officer of The Ford Foundation