The students course, aims to encourage the students to adopt the “research-led” learning method, which is driven by interesting problems and inspires student curiosity and intrigue to motivate learning and realise their potential, to train their critical thinking and arouse the creativity, to enrich their integrative skills, and to establish life-long autonomous leaning capacities. All the aspects of the institution are based on the students’ growth, ILEAD intends the series of student courses to:

  • inspire students to pay more attention to the practical problems of society
  • train interdisciplinary critical thinking competencies
  • improve students’ self-understanding and understanding of learning

ILEAD has identified the following key research directions based on the strength of our academic team and the strategic direction of XJTLU:

Relationship between language and identity in EMIs, English as a Lingua Franca, Academic literacies, Processes of academic socialization in TNE environments, Writing interpreting, Managerial practices in transnational education, Adult learning and professional development for teachers, Organizational change, Cross-cultural communication, Education leadership in transnational context, Expatriate/international (students & families), enrolment and retention (& graduation), Internationalization of higher education, Action research in higher education contexts, Motivation and education, Second language acquisition, Written corrective feedback, Task-based language teaching and learning, First and second language academic writing.

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