Research-led training courses

Research-led training courses

The core objective of the research-led teaching training courses is to help university teachers to understand and accept student-centered teaching and education philosophies, to familiarise them with methods of research-led teaching, and ultimately to help them make real changes to their teaching practices.

These courses help participants to replace traditional ‘spoon-feeding’ teaching with research-led methods. Such methods cultivate students’ active, collaborative, and autonomous learning capacities, provide insights into their developmental problems, build teamwork and communication skills, and boost their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, which mot only improves the student learning experience, but enriches student employability.

Since 2014, 423 university teachers from 12 universities have participated in these courses, including: Hunan University, Jiaxing University, Qinghai Normal University, Shanghai Finance University, Nanjing University of Information and Engineering, Jiangsu University, Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology, Shanxi Normal University, China University of Petroleum, Nanjing Tech University, China Pharmaceutical University and Xi’an International Studies University.

Testimonials from participants

Participant from the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Jinan University
“This courses has the positive influence on facilitating teachers to change the traditional knowledge spoon-fed teaching pattern. Several teachers were sent to participate the training every time. After the training, teachers implemented the research-led teaching methods in their classroom practice and changed the traditional teaching pattern, which created the excellent atmosphere for teaching innovation both in department and school levels.”

University Teacher from Hunan University
“I learned a lot of teaching philosophies and methods from this training course. Firstly, many philosophies have been transferred and I systematically learned about the “student-centred” philosophy and education mode. Meanwhile, I had the in-depth discussion and thought with teacher peers on how to implement the “student-centred” philosophy from the perspectives of course design, students’ interaction and learning assessment and evaluation.”

Du Jing from Business School of Hunan University
“The most impressive point of XJTLU is that it is an open environment, which gives teachers much support. From the personal viewpoint, the greatest transfer of my mentality is that I start to think the first thing the teacher should do as the teacher stands on the stage, that is, spread the positive energy, standing in the classroom with the pretty positive mentality. Then we should deliver the thought and knowledge. Previously, we always complain the system and environment of the university but I found that I can make innovations and breakthroughs from my personal perspective through this training.”

Teacher Cao, Yan’an University
“Honestly speaking, we have the great distance from XJTLU in terms of the education mode and environment. This distance does not merely refer to the physical environment of running schools, but also the education concepts. Our students, teacher and parents are not ready for this innovation but the mode of XJTLU is definitely the right path for the reform. In the path of teaching reform, the experience of XJTLU is precious and worth of our reference.”

Teacher Li, Ocean University of China
“The essence of research-led teaching is to design some methods to make students learn how to learn and research autonomously, focusing on designing the teaching forms.”

Teacher Li, School of Science of China Pharmaceutical University

“The lectures given by XJTLU academic staff impressed me a lot. They emphasise the aim, which should be learners-centred and leaves deep impression to me, a senior teacher with 20 teaching experience. Previously, we always implement the teaching tasks of the university without considering the students and the teaching. The training grants me fresh energy to involve in the interesting teaching plans design.”