At present, the global basic education is undergoing profound changes, and China’s basic education reform is still advancing hard after more than 30 years’ development; headteachers are the key forces to promote the reform, so how to improve the leadership of the primary and secondary school headteachers is a current major challenge in promoting the reform of basic education. Although the current training of primary and secondary school headteachers emerges in an endless stream, making headteachers realise the advantages and disadvantages of their own leadership and pertinently carry out the study is the effective way to help the headteachers improve their abilities to change. This project is to promote the leadership of headteachers through evaluation, and finally, promote schools and wider educational reform.

Through the integration of education, management and evaluation theory, based on the actual situations of primary and secondary school principals, this leadership evaluation system for primary and secondary school headmasters developed by us has opened up an evaluation model for primary and secondary school principals from the five dimensions: education quality, management ability, transformational leadership, informational competency and internationalisation competency.

Evaluation methods are implemented from the stages of semi-structured interviews and online questionnaires.

Evaluation Cases

Survey Reports

Survey Report on Leadership Development of the Head-teachers of Middle, Primary Schools and Kindergartens in Chaoyang District, Beijing
In October, the ILEAD of XJTLU completed and submitted the research report on the leadership of the head-teachers in primary and secondary schools, and also the kindergartens in Chaoyang District, Beijing. The report analyses the leadership of the public primary and secondary schools’ headteachers in Chaoyang District, Beijing, and elaborates their advantages and shortcomings through abundant data. It depicts the leaders’ features from five dimensions: education literacy, leadership, management competence, information and internalization literacies and puts forward the detailed suggestions on developing the regional leadership in the future.

Survey Summary

In October, the ILEAD of XJTLU summarises and reports the survey on the leadership of headteachers in primary education (primary and secondary schools and kindergartens) in Chaoyang District, Beijing. The main purpose of this report is to learn about the current situation and faced challenges on the leadership of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens’ headteachers in Chaoyang District, Beijing by in-depth interview and questionnaires. It gives professional and detailed suggestions on the future career development for the customers, providing suggestions and guidance on leadership development and related training of primary and secondary and kindergartens’ headteachers within this region for the education committee in Chaoyang Distract.

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