IBSS Open Enrolment courses are designed for executives seeking self-improvement or advancement of their career paths. Our courses reflect the IBSS core Mission: to deliver impactful academic services to the business community and society by developing principled and innovative leaders. The courses use practical tools, case studies, tutoring, benchmarking, and interactive teaching to enhance participants’ career prospects. Developed with busy executives in mind, the programme allows participants to learn at their own pace, provides a networking platform for business opportunities, and creates an environment for like-minded lifelong learners to support each other.


The IBSS Open Enrolment Executive Programme is committed to facilitating participants’ lifelong learning and career advancement. Our Open Enrolment executive courses are designed to prepare executives to meet the challenges of today’s fast-changing business environment. To reach that goal, we help executives to think outside of the box, equipping them with emerging analytical tools, delivering global best practices and knowledge-sharing, and providing them with a global perspective which also recognizes and appreciates cross-cultural differences.

IBSS, through our connections to both Xi’an Jiaotong and Liverpool University, is uniquely positioned to develop globally minded, China savvy leaders in today’s fast-changing and complex marketplace for the following reasons:

  • Our education programmes provide an international perspective that integrates East and the West, across knowledge, values and cultures.
  • Our courses are designed to help participants grasp relevant research findings through an active combination of case studies, discussions, group exercises, one-on-one coaching, and professional role play.
  • Our faculty hail from nearly 40 nations, offering participants a rich supply of global perspectives. With half of our 100 staff members coming from overseas, we pride ourselves as being the voice of nations in the heart of China.
  • We have a first-class teaching environment in which participants can complete their study and social interaction in an international atmosphere. In addition, online classrooms have been opened for part of the courses to provide participants with more diverse and flexible learning methods by using their spare time.


Open Enrolment Programme Plan - 2021

IBSS is offering a wide selection of Open Enrolment Executive Education courses in 2021. The content and delivery dates of those courses will be continuously updated on this webpage. The following Open Enrolment courses are now open to applicants:

No. Programme name Lanaguage Duration Time
1 Entrepreneurship Chinese 14 days 2021-2022 Semster 1-Sept
2 China 2022 (Online) English 3 days 2021-2022 Semster 1-Oct
3 Going out Strategy to win in International Market English 4 days 2021-2022 Semster 1-Oct
4 Quantitative Methods for Managerial Decisions English 3 days May 7-8, 22 (Fri&Sat, Sat)
5 Innovation Eco-System and Value Co-creation Chinese 2 days June 11-12 (Fri&Sat)
6 Management Development In Supply Chain and Purchasing English 2 days July 9-10 (Fri&Sat)
7 'Must Have' Leadership Skills for Today's China Market English 2.5 days 8 online: Sept 1-Oct 19 (Wed) 2 onsite: Oct 23 (Sat)


IBSS Open Enrollment Executive Education courses are ideal for executives or entrepreneurs who seek to:

  • Attain professional self-improvement and self-fulfillment,
  • Build a network with like-minded lifelong learners for mutual professional support,
  • Become visionary leaders with a firm grasp of today’s complex global environment,
  • Develop a creative and open mindset,
  • Prepare for and adapt to emerging disruptive technology,
  • Complete ‘warm-up courses’ before committing to a degree program such as MBA


Alumni price: 20% tuition discount for XJTLU alumni.


For more information on any of the above courses, please click “Apply Now” in the progrmame schedule.

For other questions regarding the courses or group discounts, please contact our Executive Education team:

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  • E-mail: IBSSExecED@xjtlu.edu.cn
  • Address:
    IBSS Building, South Campus of XJTLU
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