Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr Jinhui Chen Senior Associate Professor Brain injury; neuro-regeneration; central nervous system (CNS) new drug development
Dr Ken Cheng Assistant Professor Metabolomics; multi-omics; mass spectrometry; biomarkers; bioactive compounds in natural products
Dr Meng Huee Lee Senior Associate Professor Cancer cell metastasis; tumours; CAR T cell therapy; tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase
Professor Mu Wang Professor Biomarker development; cancer drug resistance studies; novel cancer therapeutic development; biological mass spectrometry
Dr Yiqiang Wang Associate Professor Pathogenesis; experimental therapy; ophthalmology; cancer biology; experimental haematology
Dr Jie Zhang Associate Professor Biopharmaceuticals; stem cell-originated traditional Chinese medicine (TCM); epidermal repair medicine; inflammation medicine
Dr Xi Zhang Senior Associate Professor Neurotransmission; neuroinflammation; pathogenesis and potential therapeutic intervention of brain diseases

Medicinal Chemistry

Professor Lei Fu Professor Drug discovery; metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases (chronic diseases); mitochondrial dysfunction
Dr Jinxin Gu Postdoc Neurodegenerative diseases; natural medicines; anti-ageing
Dr Guoxia Han Senior Associate Professor
Professor Kim Lau Professor Personal health monitoring; sensor development; smart materials
Dr Yi Li Associate Professor Medicinal chemistry; organic synthesis; drug discovery
Dr Gang Ruan Senior Associate Professor Nanomedicine; biological delivery; regenerative medicine
Dr Ruiyao Wang Senior Associate Professor Single crystal growth; molecular structure determination; development of pharmaceutical co-crystals; polymorph screening

Applied Statistics (Biostatistics pathway)

Dr Ying Chen Associate Professor Medical statistics; epidemiology; clinical trials
Dr Tenglong Li Assistant Professor Tuberculosis; Covid-19; clinical trials; psychometrics; Bayesian methods
Dr Chengxiu Ling Associate Professor Extreme value statistics; disease mapping; spatial-temporal epidemiology modelling; Bayesian hierarchical modelling; extreme casual inference
Dr Xin Liu Assistant Professor Bioinformatics; computer-aided drug design (CADD); AI drug design


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